B-Sides: You’re a Cool Dude, Berserker

This B-Sides bewilders me. If ever a song sounded like it was tailor-made for an early Eighties teen sex comedy, it’s “You’re a Cool Dude.” Instead it comes to us from a late Eighties slasher flick about teens in the Minnesota woods getting hacked up by a Viking Berserker.

Top Cow Preview: Berserker #4

Top Cow has handed down a preview of Berserker #4, which hits comic stands on Wednesday, February 3rd. The series produced by "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures continues its bone-crushing tale written by Rick Loverd with art by Jeremy Haun.

Top Cow Preview: The Darkness #75 & Berserker #0

Top Cow just dropped two previews for Dread readers today: The Darkness #75 and Berserker #0, both of which are in comic stores today! Hit the small images for the larger pages.

Top Cow Preview: Berserker #0

Interesting; we have a press release from Top Cow about their latest flagship series, Berserker, but not a peep as to what it’s actually going to be about. Does that make it more or less intriguing? All we know is that Berserker “combines elements of superheroes with Norse mythology … [thrown] in with some bone-crushing violence and punch-in-the-mouth action” I vote for more intriguing, then!