Benjamin Cooper

A Truly Primitive Trailer; Sasquatch Invades Vegas!

Time for a heaping helping of some good old fashioned Sasquatchploitation, kids! The trailer for director Benjamin Cooper's Bigfoot opus, Primitive, is here along with the skinny on how you can catch the flick in Vegas!

Director Benjamin Cooper Taking Primitive Theatrical

Movie-making isn't all parading around with Angelina Jolie and accepting Academy Awards. In fact, director Benjamin Cooper is here to tell us that on the low budget end of filmmaking it's all about being shrewd, making good decisions about everything and playing to your strengths. And Cooper is hoping with all this, and a little luck, his film Primitive can turn a profit.

Bigfoot is Back Along With Reggie Bannister in Primitive

Reggie Bannister has faced everything from hooded dwarves to killer vultures to really tall men and everything in-between. In his latest film titled Primitive, he's getting ready to face off with every cryptozoologist's worst nightmare -- a really pissed off Bigfoot!