Benicio Del Toro

Behind-the-Scenes Video: The Wolfman

Bringing the new version of Universal's The Wolfman to the big screen has been a long, arduous road. From people leaving the project to reshoots, re-scoring, and now re-editing of the film, it's getting hard to stay positive. But it just looks so badass!

More Wolfman Crew Shuffling as New Editors Are Brought In

And Universal's The Wolfman continues down a bumpy road toward its February 12, 2010, release date. On the editing front Dennis (The Chronicles of Riddick, The Fog-2005 version) Virkler is apparently out, and Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch are in.

UPDATE: French Wolfman Poster and Trailer with New Footage

"Subtle" is the word that first came to mind upon viewing the new French poster for Universal's upcoming release of The Wolfman. And "classy" ... it is definitely très chic!

UPDATED: New Wolfman Posters

Rather than keeping with the extreme close-ups of Del Toro as the title creature, the latest one-sheet for The Wolfman remake takes a far more subtle approach by focusing on one of the film's other characters.

New Images and Trailer: The Wolfman

I feel like we've been talking about Universal's reboot of the classic Wolfman franchise forever now. At the very least it's been several years. Thankfully it looks like the film's February 12th, 2010 release date is rock solid. For now anyway.

Even More New Stills From The Wolfman

Man, you don't hear anything for a scarily long time, and then BOOM! Wolfman-a-mania! Not that we're complaining of course; in fact we couldn't be happier! To go along with yesterday's Wolfman stills and today's Wolfman trailer, we've gotten another batch of stills for you to howl over!

Wolfman Trailer Debuts Online!

As promised, the trailer for Universal's The Wolfman redux launched today, and we've got it for you in all its hairy goodness!

Wolfman Trailer Tomorrow / Wolfman Stills Today

Universal Pictures announced today that the worldwide debut of The Wolfman trailer will take place online tomorrow, Thursday, August 20th, 2009! Tune in to Yahoo! Movies and AccessHollywood.com tomorrow, and be the first to check out the highly anticipated trailer debut!

The Wolfman on the Prowl in New Stills

Yep. Color us, just like you, disappointed that Universal's The Wolfman has been pushed to February 12, 2010. Fans have been hungry for this flick for the better part of two years now. Good thing we at least have some new stills to chew on!

The Wolfman Bumped to 2010

Color us officially worried. Universal announced today that their big budget remake of The Wolfman has been bumped yet again, this time to February 12, 2010.

The Wolfman to Howl at Halloween Horror Nights

In what seems like a complete no-brainer of an announcement, Universal Studios announced today that there will be a The Wolfman attraction at this year's Halloween Horror Nights!

Possible Wolfman Transformation Concepts

Leave it to STYD to find a batch of conceptual pieces by makeup FX artist Rick Baker online at ZBrushCentral. Do they provide an early look at star Benicio Del Toro's change from mild-mannered Lawrence Talbot to the creature known as The Wolfman? We won't know for sure until later this year, but in the meantime they sure do make for some fun speculation!

Benicio Talks Wolfman

Even though MTV’s movie news seems as obsessed with Twilight as your average 12-year-old girl in the last few months, now and then they do manage to break out and talk to people about real movies, like the Joe Johnston-helmed Wolfman redux.

Wolfman Remake Moved to November

Looks like we're going to be waiting a little longer than expected to catch The Wolfman remake as Universal announced today that the movie's release date has been bumped to next November.

Universal Moving Wolfman?

We’re trying to confirm things as we speak, but there are some rumors flying around right now, starting out at Fangoria, that Universal may be moving the release date for Wolfman from April, 2009, to sometime in the fall.