Real Vampires Experience Bloodloss

Over the years vampirism has gone from scourge to sexy. Sparkling forever-teens and brooding bushy-eyebrowed emo kids who shit broken hearts have romanticized the creatures to the point of envy so it was only a matter of time before some form of cinema examination would be made of this phenomenon.

Marc Haimes Gives Paramount the Jitters

Marc Haimes, who went from DreamWorks executive to screenwriter, has just sold his latest script, entitled Jitters to Paramount. The project will be produced by Benderspink, which also happens to be Haimes' management company.

Family Guy Exec Finds Last Blood

Another zombie comic book headed for the big screen and it’s not Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead? That’s not right. Although this Last Blood title does sound pretty cool...

Benderspink Readies Zombies of Mass Destruction

I’ve always said one sure way we could get out of this conflict in the Middle East is if we could somehow send over a squad of zombies to take care of our enemies. The creators of the comic ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction agree with me, as do the folks at Benderspink, who’ve just nabbed the movie rights for the Red 5 comic according to Variety.

Moore Helms Killers

Finally, a producer is stepping behind the camera to shoot a movie and see what it’s really like on the other side, especially the part about being yelled at by producers. Specifically I refer to Chris Moore, the taller producer who would show up from time to time to make John Gulager’s life hellish during “Project Greenlight.” Moore has signed a deal to direct Killers, described as a horror/action movie, with Element, Lift, and Benderspink producing. That’s a lot of producers to do the yelling!