Ben Wheatley

Lava Bear Looking to Work the Freakshift with Ben Wheatley

The last time we told you about Ben Wheatley's (Kill List, Sightseers) latest film, Freakshift, was back in May; and honestly, there really wasn't much to say. Today we have a couple of new details for you, but be warned - it's nothing earth-shattering.

Start Making Your Kill List this August

The critically acclaimed Kill List is finally on its way home from IFC Midnight and will be here in just a couple of weeks. The DC staff is pretty much divided on this one so here's your chance to see it and decide for yourself.

Ben Wheatley to Work the Freakshift!

It's a good day to be Ben Wheatley. Earlier we reported that his latest film, Sightseers, was scooped up for distro by IFC, and now he's got another project cooking... a monster flick called Freakshift. This pleases us to no end.

IFC Grabs Ahold of the Sightseers

Good news for fans of Kill List director Ben Wheatley coming in from Cannes. IFC Films has acquired all North American rights to Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers. Don't you just want to hug them? Well done!

See the Sights in First Clip from Sightseers

Kill List director Ben Wheatley has put up the very first clip from his new film Sightseers over on his official blog. What are you doing still reading this? The title alone should have had you clicking immediately! Dig it!

New Sightseers Image Picks Your Bones Dry

Another new still from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, is here; and it mixes some death into the picturesque landscapes we've gotten used to seeing from the flick! Check it out, but don't get too close. Things like this fester disease!

Check Out More Sights From Sightseers

More stills from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, are here; and as you would imagine, they're pretty damned breathtaking, and not in the "holy shit, I'm being strangled" kind of way either.

The Official Poster for The ABCs of Death Has Arrived

As if we weren't already excited enough for the upcoming arrival of anthology film The ABCs of Death, one look at the flick's new poster was all it took to push us into a state of near frenzy! Check it out and see if you agree.

Exclusive Video Interview: Co-writer/Director Ben Wheatley on Kill List, The ABCs of Death and More

After a successful festival run that included a premiere during the 2011 SxSW Film Festival last March and stops at other prestigious fests like AFI and Toronto, co-writer and director Ben Wheatley's latest feature film Kill List finally arrived in limited theaters last week courtesy of IFC Films.

Mondo Officially on the Kill List

The wonderfully demented artists over at Mondo Tees have unveiled yet another bitchin' poster for collectors to salivate over. Next up... some cool art for Ben Wheatley's Kill List.

Ben Wheatley and Lee Hardcastle Sentenced to Prison for Animated Film

What do you get when you take Ben Wheatley, the director of Kill List, and put him together with Lee Hardcastle, the young indie filmmaker who won a spot in the ABCs of Death with his short "T is for Toilet"? You get Megaevilmotherfuckers, that's what!

First Sightseers Still Lives Up to its Namesake

The first still from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, is here, and as the title would imply, it's pretty damned beautiful to look at. Ah, Mother Nature. You sexy bitch!

Kill List Now Haunting VOD; New Teaser Trailer

The highly acclaimed film Kill List is playing NOW on VOD, and to celebrate the film's arrival, we have a new teaser trailer for you to check out. This flick is the real deal, kids. Do yourselves a favor and watch it ASAP!

Kill List (UK Blu-Ray)

Starring Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, Myanna Buring, Emma Fryer Directed by Ben Wheatley

IFC Scares Up a New Trailer for Kill List

Opening in Los Angeles and New York theaters on February 3rd after arriving on VOD on January 4th is Ben Wheatley's stellar film Kill List, and we have the official and quite unnerving trailer for you right here. Check it out!