Ben Templesmith

Ben Templesmith Returns to IDW with New Four-Issue The Squidder Series

This July, IDW Publishing and 44FLOOD come together again to release an all-new four-issue series, The Squidder, from famed comic artist Ben Templesmith; and we have all the info you need here, including a look at the cover art.

Titan Releasing a Four-Issue Prequel Comic for The Evil Within Video Game

Later this summer Titan Comics will release an official four-part mini-series for The Evil Within video game, set before the events of the game, and we have the details and Issue #1 cover art for you right here.

IDW and George Lopez Developing Ben Templesmith's Wormwood as an Animated Series

Recently launched IDW Entertainment, along with George Lopez and his Travieso Production Company, has announced the development of "Wormwood," an animated television series based on the acclaimed IDW comics created by artist Ben Templesmith.

Matt Pizzolo's Godkiller Returning as a Weekly Comic Series

The name "Godkiller" should ring a bell as we've been talking about the transmedia series of graphic novels, illustrated films, and novels for about five years, and now it's entering yet another phase as an indie weekly comic.

Image Comics Releasing J. Michael Straczynski / Ben Templesmith Collaboration Ten Grand in May

Comics writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Ben Templesmith have teamed up with Image Comics for Ten Grand, a brand-new story of love, death, and heartache with Issue #1 due out on May 1st.

Ben Templesmith's Black Sky Teaser Unveiled

It was back in April of this year that we got the first word on Black Sky, the new project Ben Templesmith has teamed up with Halo-8 Entertainment to create, and finally today the illustrated film's teaser has hit online.

Early Word on Halo-8's Next Projects - Medusa: Year One & Ben Templesmith's Black Sky

If, like most of us here in the Dread Central offices, you were a bit disappointed in the portrayal of Medusa in the latest version of Clash of the Titans, you should be pretty pleased to hear about an upcoming project from Halo-8's Matt Pizzolo entitled Medusa: Year One.

Halo-8 Entertainment's C2E2 Panel Details

As we reported previously, Halo-8's full feature length version of Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller: Walk Among Us will premiere at Chicago's C2E2 on April 16 following the company's panel at the show, and now comes word on who exactly will be participating in said panel.

Welcome to Hoxford - Wishlist

As a writer, it can’t always be an easy thing to watch your novel take the trip to the big screen. The style or cast you envisioned may not always mesh with that of the director tackling the project.

1492 Welcomes Hoxford to the Fold

The theatrical version of Ben Templesmith's 30 Days of Night didn't thrill me, but from the first time I heard about his Welcome to Hoxford, I've been intrigued by its premises.

30 Days of Night Does Juarez, Mexico

A lot of crazy stuff can happen down in Mexico; even worse when the undead are involved. IDW Publishing has announced the release of a new 30 Days of Night installment, this time centered in the rough little town of Juarez, Mexico.

Ben Templesmith's Art of Wormwood Collection

In case you've forgotten, the first issue of famed artist/author Ben Templesmith's newest comic series Welcome to Hoxford is now available from IDW Publishing.

Welcome of Hoxford Coming in August

With Butane up in the Great White North at Fantasia, it fell to me to let you guys know about a nasty new comic book series that's coming our way featuring an unusual take on his favorite subject: Werewolves!