Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller Looking to Climb the Horror Mountain

October is known to be a month full of ghoulish surprises, but one that no one saw coming is that Ben Stiller is involved in yet another horror project (the previous being the comedic RentaGhost). This could very well be another sign of the impending Apocalypse.

Ben Stiller Set to RentaGhost

Let's face it. Being dead has to have its fair share of suckage. Never mind the whole maggots feasting on you thing ... that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Ben Stiller is Hearing The Voices

Man's best friends. Our pets are always there for us when we need them to be. They curl up with us when we're sick. They make us smile when we're down. And should we ever end up committing murder, you can be sure they'll become vocal enough to help us cover our tracks!