Ben Rock

Ben Rock's Alien Raiders Gets the Lego Treatment

Life is full of great mysteries. Who was the 3rd gunman on the grassy knoll? Is the shroud of Turin really the burial wrap of Jesus Christ? Why did Warner Brothers give Ben Rock's kick-ass alien flick the shitty title of Alien Raiders? We may never know.

Indie Horror Month: Ben Rock's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

My introduction to writer/director Ben Rock came when I interviewed him for his 2009 highly-underrated flick Alien Raiders, which took themes from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing and combined them with a little bit of “24” for good measure (hard not to when the film’s star is Carlos Bernard).

Exclusive: Ben Rock and Gregory Sims Talk Bringing Baal to Life

Last weekend Dread Central decided to get a bit of culture and headed over to Sacred Fools Theater to check out film/TV/viral director Ben Rock's (Alien Raiders) intense new project, Baal.

Ben Rock Breaths Life into Baal

There are very few places darker and more terrifying than the recesses of the human mind and the buried wickedness that resides there. Sometimes these feelings and notions seep out into the real world despite our best efforts to keep a handle on them, and that, dear friends, is the essence of psychological horror. Get ready to meet Baal, a new play from Ben Rock.

Ben Rock Wants You to Shut Up!

First time Reaper Award (or Grimmy, as he is affectionately known) winner for best direct-to-video feature, director Ben Rock, and producer Alicia Conway have taken part in Instant Film's Movies Made in 48 Hours Film Festival; and we've got a look at his entry for you ... a little flick that insists that you Shut Up! I Said Shut Up!

Exclusive: Blair Witch 10th Anniversary Q&A

On August 20th Hollywood's historic Egyptian Theatre hosted a 10th anniversary screening of The Blair Witch Project followed by a Q&A with several members of the film's cast and crew. Of course Dread Central was there, camera in-hand, to record the auspicious occasion.

Happy Anniversary to The Blair Witch Project

On this day exactly ten years ago, a movie dropped that would forever change the face of independent film. Love it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project stands proudly as a sterling example that anyone with the right equipment, a boatload of passion, and a bitchin' idea can make a great film outside of Hollywood.

Exclusive: Alien Raiders Commentary Track!

Here at Dread Central we try and bring you goodies no one else can or will, up to and including asking filmmakers to do things just for us. Usually this means sending us a pic or two from their film that no one else has, but when we saw that Ben Rock’s excellent Alien Raiders was going to hit DVD without a commentary track from its director, we set out to do something about it.

Alien Raiders: Exclusive Interviews and Clip!

We've been talking an awful lot about the latest Raw Feed flick, Alien Raiders, here on Dread Central and for good reason -- it kicks a copious amount of ass! That being said, get ready for some exclusive goodies you won't find anywhere else, starting with interviews with Ben Rock, Mathew St. Patrick, and Carlos Bernard!

Alien Raiders (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Derek Basco, Rockmond Dunbar, Carlos Bernard, Bonita Friedericy, Mathew St. Patrick Directed by Ben Rock Distributed by Warner Brothers Home Video Entertainment

Alien Raiders DVD Details

We've been keeping tabs on Alien Raiders for some time now, even if its various name changes have made that task a bit more difficult than usual. But that's all water under the bridge now that the official DVD artwork and extras have been announced.

Supermarket Becomes Alien Raiders, Director Talks!

Though it’s not due to hit DVD until the end of the year, I wanted to give some attention to another film from the Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horrors, if nothing else because Otis (DVD review) is out this week and we’re excited about what’s next for the label.

Exclusive: A Visit to the Set of Supermarket!

Somewhere tucked away in the sprawling Los Angeles metropolis there lurks Hastings Market; a supermarket that never really was. Shelves are stocked but the lines are always empty. A casual inspection of the butchery reveals that the majority of the meaty product has the distinct feel of rigid plastic.

Rock, Ben (Alien Raiders)

Who is Ben Rock? While the name may not immediately spring to min

St. Patrick, Mathew (Alien Raiders)

It's amazing how much the landscape of film has changed. It used to be that direct-to-video features were where all the junk was sent; now it's where all the good stuff is! Such is th