Ben Magid

Universal Cooks Up Thirteen Ways to Scare Us

Found footage. With low budget success stories for the bigger studios, this medium is here to stay. Now Universal is looking to tap into the same vein of gold that others have with the new flick Thirteen.

Wicked Take on Peter Pan Strides Forward with Cast

Remember that dark take on the J.M. Barrie classic Perter Pan we told you about way back in November? Well there's been some movement to report. Actually ... a lot of movement.

Peter Pan is Going to be Naughty in the Most Horrific of Ways

You see, now this we like! Take a beloved (yet odd) children's character, twist the story around completely, add horror elements and BINGO! A version of Peter Pan we can all sink our teeth into!

Summit Entertainment Planning an Invasion

Rest easy, dearest reader. We're not talking about a bunch of shrill Twilight fans who are determined to prove that vampires do indeed sparkle. Instead we're looking at a bona fide alien invasion of the worst kind!