Cult Movie Mania Announces the Weekly 'Screaming Cinema Series' in Tampa, FL

Okay, Southwest Florida horror fans, this is your chance to show your love for the wild world of cult film as CultMovieMania.com brings a NYC 42nd Street Grindhouse vibe to Tampa, Florida, with the debut of its weekly Screaming Cinema Series on Thursday, February 9th.

An Alternate Trailer for Evan Glodell's Bellflower

Bellflower, written and directed by and starring Evan Glodell, hit Blu-ray and DVD earlier this week from Oscilloscope Laboratories, and in honor of the occasion the team at Coatwolf Productions have released a new trailer which is actually an old trailer. Confused? We were, too, until we read the explanation from Glodell himself.

Sitges 2011: Winners Announced; Red State and Attack the Block Score Multiple Awards

The 2011 Sitges Film Festival has concluded its competition portion and announced awards in more categories than we've seen at any other fest. The biggest winners are Kevin Smith's Red State and Joe Cornish's Attack the Block, but several other films we've been closely watching here on Dread scored victories as well, including Kill List, Livid, The Divide, The Woman, Bellflower, Hell, and Detention.

Exclusive Video Interview: Dread Central Chats with the Cast of Bellflower

Last spring during SXSW Dread Central had an opportunity to chat with almost the entire cast of Bellflower, and with the film’s impending limited release starting tomorrow, we thought this would be a good time to share it with our readers.

Bellflower Screening Report and Gallery

Bellflower opens in Los Angeles and New York City on August 5th, and this new movie is a little hard to pigeon-hole. To help you get a handle on things, we took some time to bring you a bit of eye candy from the flick's premiere.

Exclusive Video Interview: Writer/Director/Star Evan Glodell Talks Bellflower

With his debut film Bellflower, writer/director and star Evan Glodell has created a masterful work. The film centers around Glodell’s character, Woodrow, who falls in love with the free-spirited Milly (Jessie Wiseman) only to get his heart ripped out and served to him on a platter after things go awry between the young lovers.

Bellflower (2011)

Starring Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman, Tyler Dawson, Vincent Grashaw, Rebekah Brandes Directed by Evan Glodell Distributed by Oscilloscope Films

CONTEST CLOSED! In or Near LA? Attend a Special Screening of Bellflower with Cast Members and More!

Dread Central and Oscilloscope Laboratories have teamed up to invite our Los Angeles readers to a preview screening of Bellflower on Tuesday, August 2nd, at the New Beverly Cinema. Read on for the details, including some very special guests.

SXSW 2011: Full Genre Film Line-Up Announced

That's right, kids! The 2011 South by Southwest Film Conference is just around the corner, and it's packed to the gills with stuff to watch, do, and see. But what of the conference's horror line-up? We've got you covered.