Bela Kiss

Bela Kiss: Prologue (2013)

Starring Kristina Klebe, Rudolf Martin, Fabian Stumm, Ben Bela Böhm Directed by Lucien Förstner

First Stills, Trailer, and Release Info for Bela Kiss: Prologue

We've been talking about Bela Kiss: Prologue, based on the famous true story of a Hungarian serial killer, for a while; and now that it's heading to VOD in just a few days, we have some stills and the trailer to share.

AFM 2013: Random Artwork: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, Witching and Bitching, Bela Kiss, Saturday Morning Massacre, Exit to Hell, and All Hallows' Eve

Why so much artwork for just one story? Doesn't each title merit its own space on the news block? Of course, however, the above-mentioned titles are a bit of a special case.

Missionary, The Complex, Solo, and Bela Kiss Now Available for Mass Consumption

The Internet is a wild and wonderful place and it's advancing every day, making terrestrial cable seem more and more obsolete. Need an example of this? Then read on!

Kristina Klebe to Feel the Sting of the Bela Kiss: Prologue

Around here we love us some Kristina Klebe. She just shines, man, and breathes life into every role that she takes from the serious to the absurd. That's why when news of a new project featuring her comes along, we're on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm.