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San Diego Comic-Con 2011: BBC America Bringing Bedlam to the Show

One aspect of BBC America's "Supernatural Saturday" lineup that we've been looking forward to is the six-part series "Bedlam", and those of us attending the San Diego Comic-Con will be given a sneak peek of the show during an exclusive U.S. premiere screening and Q&A to be held Friday evening, July 22nd.

Watch the First Five Minutes of Being Human Season 3 Episode 1

This Saturday night, February 19th, "Being Human" returns to BBC America with Episode 1 of season three, and if you just can't wait for its debut, here are the first five minutes during which Mitchell enters Purgatory to look for Annie but finds himself amidst the ruins of his own past sins...

BBC America's Being Human Season 3 Kicks Off Next Month

As avid fans of the original "Being Human" from the UK, we're happy to see the show come back for its third season of ghostly, vampiric, snarling mayhem. If you're busy enjoying the Syfy Americanized version, believe us; you need to track down the source material. It's even better. From the Press Release

BBC America Announces All New Supernatural Saturdays in 2011

Syfy isn't the only network gearing up to attract horror/sci-fi viewers on Saturday nights as BBC America has demonstrated its commitment to the genre with the recent announcement of a refreshed primetime slate for "Supernatural Saturdays". In this slot the channel will roll out three all new co-productions, "Primeval", "Outcasts" and "Bedlam".

Primeval Returning to the Airwaves on January 1, 2011, in BOTH the UK and the US!

We're well aware that the UK's awesomely fun TV series "Primeval" is more sci-fi than horror, but damnit, it's full of dinosaurs and tons of other scary creatures so while we'll not be covering it full-time here on DC, we do want to make our readers aware of its return to the airwaves in BOTH the UK and the US simultaneously on January 1, 2011. From the Press Release:

Video Chats with Being Human's Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan

If you haven't been watching Season Two of "Being Human" on BBC America, you're really missing out. We're halfway through the eight-episode storyline already, but thanks to On Demand, you should be able to catch up. For those who have been watching, we've got video chats with Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan to help get you geared up for the rest of the season.

The British Are Coming! Being Human to Invade Comic-Con!

We're exactly a month away from the madness known as the San Diego Comic-Con so expect a flurry of guest and panel announcements over the next couple of weeks. On today's list is "Being Human" creator/writer Toby Whithouse joining cast members Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, and Sinead Keenan at the big show.

Being Human Returns to BBC America July 24th

We already knew that the UK's stellar "Being Human" TV series is returning to BBC America this summer with eight new episodes, but now we have the exact date along with a synopsis of each installment. Proceed at your own risk as spoilers abound!

The BBC's Being Human Comes Home to Blu-ray and DVD

The coolest damned shows have been coming from the BBC lately. "Primeval", "Survivors", etc., have been in regular rotation around the Dread Central offices; and we're happy to announce one of our favorite shows (which also happens to be up for Americanization by Syfy), "Being Human", is coming home on both DVD and Blu-ray high definition!

Being Human Seasons Two and Three Heading to BBC America

Now this is some great news to end the week on: BBC America has announced the acquisition of Series Two and Three of Being Human. The show’s highly anticipated second season will premiere in late summer with the third season following shortly thereafter.

Being Human Renewed for Season No. 3

Some good news for our friends across the pond crept out over the weekend: the BBC Three's "Being Human" is being renewed for its third season. And not only that, but the three housemates are relocating to Wales!

BBC Books Publishing a Three-Novel Tie-In to Being Human

The second season of Toby Whithouse's stellar Being Human premieres in the UK this Sunday, and if you're anything like me, you can't get enough of this show about three twenty-something housemates trying to live normal lives, despite the fact that one is a werewolf, one is a vampire, and the other is a ghost. If so, you're in luck because on February 4th three novels that tie in to Being Human are being released by BBC Books.

Demons Debut Sets a Record for BBC America

We meant to write up a quick story reminding Dread Central's readers about the premiere of Demons on BBC America this past Saturday, January 2nd, but it seems a reminder wasn't necessary after all as the show delivered the network its highest rated premiere ever for a new series.

New Stills from Being Human Series 2

Series 2 of Being Human debuts on BBC Three this Sunday, January 10th, and to celebrate the occasion, a new batch of stills has been released.

Official Being Human Season Two Promo Poster

There's no telling what direction Syfy's remake of the BBC series Being Human is going to go in, but one thing's for sure. It really doesn't matter because Season Two of the original is prepping for a January, 2010, premiere, and we couldn't be more excited ... even if we do have to wait for it to hit the States while we live vicariously through you lucky stiffs across the pond.