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Get Your First Look at In the Flesh Season 2; BBC America Premiere Date Announced

We knew BBC America would be airing Season 2 of "In the Flesh" sometime this year, and now the official premiere date has arrived along with a "first look" teaser video and a few more details of what's coming.

Lead Actor and Two Directors Revealed for BBC America's Intruders

Back in October, BBC America greenlit its new original thriller series "Intruders," penned by Glen Morgan, and now some casting news has come along with the announcement of a pair of directors whose works are quite familiar to horror fans.

Get a Sneak Peek of In the Flesh Series 2 in this BBC America 2014 Promo

The UK's "In the Flesh" zombie miniseries returns in 2014 with six more episodes, and this new promo for BBC America gives us our first taste of Series 2 along with the other great British shows and ground-breaking American originals that the network has coming up in the new year.

Cast Announced for BBC America's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Way back in April we got word that BBC America is expanding its "Supernatural Saturday" lineup in 2014 to include a seven-part "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" miniseries, based on the novel by Susanna Clarke. Today we know who the cast members are.

Intruders Ready to Infiltrate BBC America

BBC America continues to beef up its supernatural programming, and we have all the details on the network's latest new series, "Intruders," for you right here, free of any wacky yet extremely cool accents!

BBC America Adding New Series Atlantis to its Supernatural Saturday Lineup

If you're as much a fan of the big beasties found in mythology as we are, you'll be happy to hear some of them are heading to BBC America's Supernatural Saturday lineup. Read on for the first details on "Atlantis."

Watch the First 3 Minutes of the Season 5 Premiere of Being Human (UK)

The fifth and final season of "Being Human" (UK) begins this Saturday, July 13th, on BBC America, and we have a look at the first three minutes of the premiere episode right here!

Second Teaser Trailer for Being Human on BBC America Begins the Final Season Countdown

It's almost here! The final season of "Being Human" (UK) premieres this Saturday, July 13th, on BBC America, and we have a second teaser trailer to share.

Teaser Trailer for Being Human's Final Season on BBC America

While our friends in the UK are already aware of how their version of "Being Human" ended up, we Yanks won't find out until July 13th, when it premieres on BBC America. To whet our appetites, here's a teaser trailer for the show.

BBC America Shifts the Premiere Date of Being Human Series 5 to July 13th

Once BBC America announced it is running "In the Flesh" as a three-night special event that includes this coming Saturday, we wondered what that meant for "Being Human," which was supposed to premiere on June 8th; and today the answer came.

Watch the First Three Minutes of BBC America's In the Flesh

We've already seen a few sneak peeks of "In the Flesh," premiering on BBC America this Thursday night, June 6th, but now we have the opening three minutes of the series and some new artwork to share. Check 'em out, and let us know if you'll be tuning in.

Maxi-Sized Gallery for Zombie Mini-Series In the Flesh

While it shows off more of the humans than the zombies in BBC America's upcoming three-part mini-series "In the Flesh," this image gallery does give you a sneak peek of what the undead will generally be looking like on the show. So check it out and get ready for June 6th, 7th, and 8th!

Get a Sneak Peek of Episode 1 of BBC America's In the Flesh

In just one week BBC America kicks off its three-night "In the Flesh" zombie event, and we have a nearly three-minute long sneak peek of Episode 1 along with another promo that introduces us to Rick.

Another Promo Shambles in for BBC America's In the Flesh

Ready for another look at "In the Flesh," BBC America's three-night zombie event that begins next week? In England the dead aren't just rising from the grave... They're returning home!

Second Teaser Promo for BBC America's In the Flesh

A second teaser promo has arrived for BBC America's three-night "In the Flesh" event that introduces us to the character Amy, portrayed by Emily Bevan. Will you be watching when it begins on Thursday, June 6th?