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See the Opening Title Sequence from BBC America's Intruders

Heading our way in just a few days is BBC America's new paranormal thriller "Intruders," and to whet your appetites, the network has released the show's opening title sequence. Check it out, and tune in this coming Saturday night following the season premiere of "Doctor Who"!

Inside Look at BBC America's Intruders Throws Us a Lifeline

This latest inside look at BBC America's upcoming paranormal thriller "Intruders" gives us a sneak peek into the dynamics of the relationship between lead characters Jack (John Simm) and Amy (Mira Sorvino). The show debuts soon so check it out, and let us know what you think.

New Intruders Promo Butts in on Your Friday Night Festivities

It's just past 5:00 PM here in California, which means it's officially the weekend on both coasts; but before you head out for some Friday night frivolity, check out this latest promo for BBC America's upcoming paranormal thriller "Intruders."

New Extended Intruders Trailer Interrupts Your Work Day

With the original paranormal thriller "Intruders" heading to BBC America in just about a month, a new trailer has arrived that gives us an extended look at the upcoming series. Check it out, and look for lots more soon.

New Intruders Video Explores The Mystery Inside Us All

BBC America has released another "inside" look at its new series "Intruders," and in this one we discover the mystery, a second soul, inside all of us, waiting to break free. Check it out, and then set your second soul free!

The Mystery Deepens in this Inside Look at BBC America's Intruders

BBC America is taking its new series "Intruders" to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, where an exclusive sneak peek will be shown, but right now we have an inside look at the show narrated by stars John Simm and Mira Sorvino, executive producer Glen Morgan, and director Daniel Stamm.

Premiere Date Announced and Launch Trailer Released for BBC America's Intruders

We've been enjoying the dark tone of the teasers released thus far for BBC America's upcoming "Intruders," and now that the official launch trailer has arrived, we're even more intrigued. When can we finally see the show? Read on for the details and to watch the new preview!

Make it Work with this New Teaser for BBC America's Intruders

We still don't know the premiere date of BBC America's "Intruders," but with the likes of Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Stamm involved, we're keeping an open spot on our DVR for whenever the announcement is made. If you're curious too, here's a new teaser with a bit of a philosophical bent.

Another Teaser for BBC America's Intruders Infiltrates Your Monday!

If you've been watching "Orphan Black" and "In the Flesh" on BBC America (and if you're not, you should), you've probably seen the teasers for the network's upcoming new series "Intruders." But just in case you missed the latest one, here it is.

See a Preview of In the Flesh Season 2 Episode 2

This past weekend was chock-full of horror offerings, and one of the best was the return of "In the Flesh" to BBC America. Are you as anxiously awaiting Episode 2.02 as we are? Here's a preview to tide you over until next Saturday.

A Pair of Teasers and Full Details for BBC America's Intruders Invade Your Weekend

TV is the place to be for horror right now, and with so many projects vying for our attention, BBC America's "Intruders" almost fell through the cracks, but we're remedying that right now with the upcoming show's official details and two spooky teasers.

Watch the First Four Minutes of In the Flesh Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2 of "In the Flesh" premieres on BBC America May 10th, and if you're as excited as we are, check out the first four minutes of Episode 1 right here, right now! Not caught up? Season 1 begins streaming on BBCAmerica.com tomorrow, May 2nd.

Get Your First Look at In the Flesh Season 2; BBC America Premiere Date Announced

We knew BBC America would be airing Season 2 of "In the Flesh" sometime this year, and now the official premiere date has arrived along with a "first look" teaser video and a few more details of what's coming.

Lead Actor and Two Directors Revealed for BBC America's Intruders

Back in October, BBC America greenlit its new original thriller series "Intruders," penned by Glen Morgan, and now some casting news has come along with the announcement of a pair of directors whose works are quite familiar to horror fans.

Get a Sneak Peek of In the Flesh Series 2 in this BBC America 2014 Promo

The UK's "In the Flesh" zombie miniseries returns in 2014 with six more episodes, and this new promo for BBC America gives us our first taste of Series 2 along with the other great British shows and ground-breaking American originals that the network has coming up in the new year.