Battle: Los Angeles

New Viral and Behind-the-Scenes Clip - Battle: Los Angeles

With Skyline being even worse than we ever could have imagined, fans are now looking, hoping, and praying to Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles to deliver quality Earth vs the Aliens type carnage.

Check Out One of the Alien Invaders - Battle: Los Angeles

Okay, so three stories about Battle: Los Angeles in one day just minutes apart. What can we tell you? When the goods come, they come; and we thought you'd be really interested in seeing one of the alien invaders up close.

International Trailer Debut - Battle: Los Angeles

The Internet works fast! Just about an hour ago we brought you the badass domestic trailer debut for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles, and now, just a little while later the international trailer has reared its head! Dig it!

Trailer Debut - Alien Warfare Explodes in Battle: Los Angeles

Sure Skyline is in theatres now, so Sony Pictures saw fit to strike back a bit by releasing the official trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles. All we can say? Wow! According to Liebesman Battle: Los Angeles is more of a war flick, not like Independence Day where only landmarks get blown up. Interesting! Cannot wait to see the carnage.

Battle Los Angeles and Skyline Fighting it Out Over LA Alien Invasion

Sides have been drawn. Weapons chosen. The aliens are on their way, but it's not the landscape of the city of Los Angeles that will be the chosen battlefield. No, instead it will most likely be the courtroom. Oh, Hollywood! No one loves a good war more than you do!

Five New One-Sheets: Battle: Los Angeles

That's right. We have a one-sheet bonanza for you today, dearest reader, to kick off your work week with a little destruction in mind! Get ready for five new bits of artwork for Jonathan Liebesman's latest alien invasion opus Battle: Los Angeles. In the immortal words of Maynard ... learn to swim!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Battle: Los Angeles Press Conference Coverage and New Stills

During the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, Dread Central was in attendance for the Battle: Los Angeles press conference. On hand were producer Neal H. Mortiz, director Jonathan Liebesman, and the film’s stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez, who chatted with the press about what we can expect to see with their vision of hostile alien forces invading Earth and one battalion’s struggle with the insurgency that takes over the Los Angeles streets.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Jonathan Liebesman Talks Battle Los Angeles. Aaron Eckhart Talks New Batman!

More news regarding Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning director Jonathan Liebesman's new flick Battle: Los Angeles and even a new Batman tidbit for you curious horror fans!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Early Art - Battle: Los Angeles

Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning director Jonathan Liebesman's new film, Battle: Los Angeles, is getting some love at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and we have an early look at the artwork.

Eckhart Suited-Up for Alien Ass Whipping in Battle: Los Angeles

A new still from Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles has hit online. This one depicts star Aaron Eckhart geared up for what we hope will be some truly brutal and epic alien confrontations in the city of angels.

First Images: Aliens Waging War in Battle: Los Angeles

November of 2008 was the last time that we got to update you on Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles, but hey, sometimes these things take a while! Some new and pretty nifty behind-the-scenes images leaked online from the film and we've got your directions on where to see the whole bunch!

Eckhart Signs on for Battle: Los Angeles

Say what you will about Billy Dee Williams; I really think Aaron Eckhart pulled off the best portrayal of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, so his addition to the cast of Jonathan (TCM: The Beginning) Liebsman’s Battle: Los Angeles gives me a bit more hope for the film than I previously had.

Liebesman to Helm Battle: Los Angeles

The man who made the jump from Darkness Falls to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Jonathan Liebesman, is now prepping to make yet another leap up the Hollywood ladder with the sci-fi/action pic called Battle: Los Angeles according to THR this morning.

Battle for Los Angeles

It's been a while since a studio's really gotten behind an alien invasion film (Cloverfield doesn’t count since it was JJ Abrams and we have no idea where it came from), but The Hollywood Reporter got word this morning of a script called Battle: Los Angeles that Columbia has optioned.