Basket Case 2

NYC's Anthology Film Archives Presents Frank Henenlotter Film Retrospective

Some people just have a knack for certain things. Michael Jordan could play basketball like there was no tomorrow, Sam Kinison was a master of comedy, Bobby Fischer could hold his own in chess and Stu Ungar knew his way around a card table. In that vein Frank Henenlotter had his niche as well…making outrageously over-the-top and wildly entertaining films.

Belial & Poltergeists to Prom Night

News today came crawling out of the wicker bag over at Davis DVD that Basket Case 2 will be getting a region 1 DVD release on October 30th! No more need to pay the extra cash on multi-region video players and discs now! And kiss your bootleg copy goodbye because this new release from Synapse Films features a video transfer from the original 35mm negative!