Foycast XII: Curse of the Skype Recorder

I thought it was only the number 13 that was supposed to be cursed. Turns out 12 would be an unlucky number when it comes to the Foycast because this 12th (technically the 13th) episode of my totally senseless podcast was cursed by a Skype recorder.

Barricade (DVD)

Starring Eric McCormack, Conner Dwelly, Ryan Grantham, Jody Thompson, Directed by Andrew Currie Distributed by Gaiam Americas

The WWE Sets Up a Barricade on DVD

Word has come from the great video gods in the sky that WWE Studios' new film Barricade is set to make its DVD premiere on September 25th! Yep, that's next week! Short notice, we know, but ghosts have a habit of showing up unannounced.

New WWE Barricade Trailer Keeps the Ghosts Out

As if! Let's face it, man. If ghosts want in, they'll get in. That is, if you don't pour salt all around the perimeter of your house and entranceways like doors and windows and such. See what we learn from watching "Supernatural?"

Poster Premiere for the WWE's Barricade

It's been over a year since last we spoke about the new supernatural chiller from WWE Studios, Barricade, but a brand new poster just dropped an elbow on the interwebs, and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Fido Director Securing WWE Studios' Supernatural Barricade

WWE Studios launched in 2006 with the slasher flick See No Evil. Since then they've produced terrible action movies, middling dramas, and cringe-inducing comedies. Barricade will mark World Wrestling Entertaiment's return to horror, and this time odds are the movie won't end with a dog peeing into a corpse's eye socket.

New Barricade Trailer

A friend of the site just dropped us a line with the good news that a second teaser for his latest writing credit, Timo Rose’s Barricade, is now available for consumption over at the film’s MySpace page. I gotta say it sure as hell has a great look to it; hopefully the acting and the story can match the visuals.

Barricade Wraps, New Pics!

Today we received word that filming on Barricade will wrap today in Germany before it goes on to the long, insane phase of post-production.