Barnabas Collins

Rest in Peace: Jonathan Frid

We have some very sad news to pass on to our readers today as reports are coming in that the great Jonathan Frid, aka Barnabas Collins from "Dark Shadows", has passed away at the age of 87 in Ontario, Canada.

Dark Shadows Barnabas and Angelique Action Figures Coming Soon

Along with the 2010 Comic-Con exclusive "Dark Shadows" Werewolf we told you about here, Spectre Toys has also announced a "Dark Shadows" Series 1 Set that includes the one and only Barnabas Collins and the show's most popular villainess, the powerful witch Angelique Bou

Burton's Dark Shadows Uncertain

I wonder if there will come a time where Tim Burton and Johnny Depp just admit they’re the same person. I know it’s true, I’ve seen Burton shape-shift into Depp and vice versa, but the public at large just calls me “crazy”. What's my point? Oh, right, the long-proposed Dark Shadows movie...

Burton on Dark Shadows Film?

It's been almost a year since it was first announced that Johnny Depp was working on bringing the 1960's supernatural soap opera "Dark Shadows" to the big screen, and since that announcement all has been very quiet about the project.

Depp Casts a Dark Shadow

Know how you can tell when a project has staying power? When decades after its release people are still talking about it.