Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton to Experience Divine Tragedies

Another horror favorite has signed up for active screamy duty on Jose Pendres' new flick, The Divine Tragedies! So who's next on the docket? Read on for the details, and look for additional goodies on this one soon!

Extremely NOT Safe for Work - Horror's 13 Most Sinful Seductresses

There’s something special about spotting that unforgettable seductress who strolls across the screen and completely ignites the hormonal interest of the viewer. You’ve seen her...

Dark Sky Films Remembers We Are Still Here

We are super stoked about this next project from Dark Sky Films. Why, you ask? Because the label has a true eye for talent, and if anyone is gonna be able to pull off a kick-ass ghost story, it's them! Read on for your first word regarding We Are Still Here.

You're Next (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Sharni Vinson, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton Directed by Adam Wingard Distributed by Lionsgate

LEGO Slasher Icons Celebrate You're Next Home Video Release

You're Next invades home video next week, landing on DVD and Blu-ray here in the States on Tuesday and one day prior over in the UK. To celebrate the UK release, the folks over at Organic Marketing had custom LEGO figures created of iconic slasher villains...

UK DVD and Blu-ray Told: You're Next!

It's been raved about all year while making the festival rounds - and for good reason. Now, director Adam Wingard's brutal and bloody home invasion shocker You're Next will be bashing its way into households across the UK on January 13th, 2014, courtesy of Lionsgate.

Barbara Crampton and More Experience Sun Choke

Here's the thing... you can put actress Barbara Crampton is anything, and we'll watch it. Not only is she forever hot, she can act her ass off! Next up for this true scream queen is an indie flick called Sun Choke. Read on for details and more casting news.

You're Next Prepares for Home Video Home Invasion!

We're getting pretty close to that time when all the horror websites start listing off their favorite flicks of the year, and we can be pretty sure that You're Next (review) will be popping up on a whole lot of those lists - even if it technically first saw release way back in 2011.

You're Next (2013)

Starring Sharni Vinson, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton Directed by Adam Wingard

Exclusive: Barbara Crampton on Her Return to Acting and More for You're Next

On Friday director Adam Wingard’s You’re Next arrives in theaters nationwide courtesy of Lionsgate, and during a recent press day for the film, Dread Central was thrilled to catch up with one of our all-time favorite actresses and You’re Next co-star, Barbara Crampton.

New Alamo Drafthouse PSA Reminds You... If You Talk or Text You're Next!

There's nothing more annoying than some idiot talking or texting while you're trying to watch a movie. The Alamo Drafthouse knows this all too well and has cooked up something special for the premiere of You're Next featuring stars Barbara Crampton and AJ Bowen. Dig it!

New You're Next Still and Poster Gallery Spell Things Out

Yesterday we were sent one of several new You're Next posters to show you cats, and today we have all the eye candy in one place along with two brand new stills featuring Barbara Crampton and AJ Bowen. Dig 'em!

AJ Bowen and Barbara Crampton Shout 'Grow Up, Tony Phillips' for Emily Hagins

Filmmaker Emily Hagins is nothing short of an inspiration for horror fans of every age to go out there and make their movie! And that's just what this lovely young lady is doing again. You almost have to wonder how long before she's a household name?

TIFF 2012: Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem - Read the Review!

The waiting is over, and the verdict is here! Does Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords of Salem, shape up into everything we have been hoping for? Has the director finally been unchained from the Hollywood leash?