Official Trailer for Bait 3D Swims In

While we're still waiting patiently for Anchor Bay to chum the waters with a release date, the official trailer for Bait 3D has surfaced like a shark's fin breaking the surface! Check it out and hold on to your limbs!

Anchor Bay Sets Bait - Captures North America

Some fine news has come in for fans of large swimming things with lots and lots of teeth. One of the horror genre's best friends has secured the Stateside rights to the latest shark film from the land of Oz.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Bait 3D and Check Out a First Look Trailer

We started talking about Bait 3D around the same time we first mentioned what would come to be known as Shark Night, and while the latter is already on home video, we're still waiting patiently for a shark film hopefully done right.

Paul Schrader Puts Out His Bait

More sharks are swimming our way, this time being led by the writers of Taxi Driver and American Psycho. Okay, you had us at hello. Read on for details.

Russell Mulcahy Talks Teen Wolf TV Series, Teases Bait 3D Details

Director Russell Mulcahy has enjoyed a successful career in both films and television alike, and he is now combining his love of the horror genre with his love for working in TV with the upcoming MTV series “Teen Wolf”, which is set to debut on June 5th following the MTV Movie Awards (the show will also slide into its regular time slot on June 6th).

Action-Heavy Sales Trailer for Bait 3D

After watching the sales trailer for Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D, we have to say we're ridiculously excited to see the movie. It's certainly not high art, but if this is any indication of what's to come, we're in for some good old fashioned turn-your-brain-off bloody fun.

First Stills and Behind-the-Scenes Interviews - Bait 3D

Several new stills have popped up today along with two video interviews from the upcoming three-dimensional feeding frenzy from the land of Oz, Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D, and we have every drippy moment for you right here.

Bret Easton Ellis to Bring Us a Different Kind of Shark Bait

There's a new deadly shark film called Bait coming our way that is not to be confused with the other deadly shark film Bait 3D. Got that? NOT TO BE CONFUSED! Where's my friggin' ice pack?

First Behind-the-Scenes Video: Bait 3D

As proved by Adam Rifkin in both his feature film Look and Showtime series of the same name, cameras are everywhere. Especially on the sets of movies. A new paparazzi video has come in from the Australian set of Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D featuring well ... a lot of running and screaming!

AFM 2010: Full Cast Revealed for Bait 3D

Some casting news coming out of AFM for Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D, which is currently in production. Ready to find out exactly who has been chumming the waters? Wait no more!

Two More Chum the Waters in Bait 3D

And the cast for Kimble Rendall's now-filming Bait 3D keeps right on growing. So who are the next victims to bloody up the waters? Read on to find out!

Russell Mulcahy Leaves Bait 3D. Heads for Calmer Waters.

More director shifting going on, and sadly this one kind of stings. We've been reporting for a while now that Russell Mulcahy was hard at work to make his shark film Bait 3D a reality, but that's just not to be.

Aussie Native Jesse Spencer Becomes Bait for Russell Mulcahy

Though great whites usually get all the love in movies about killer sharks, director Russell Mulcahy is looking to remind audiences that tiger sharks are pretty nasty mothers, too, in his new flick Bait 3D.

Russell Mulcahy's BAIT 3D Gets Funding By Screen Australia

Having recently enjoyed the fantastic "Ozploitation" documentary Not Quite Hollywood for a second time, I've been riding high on a wave of nostalgia for Aussie horror - which is why today's news about director Russell Mulcahy's latest offering has me giddy.

AFM: Brad Furman Sets Bret Easton Ellis' Bait

More news coming out of AFM today, this time concerning the latest Bret Easton Ellis adaptation, Bait, for Myriad Pictures. We've even scored you some sales art too! We're good like that!