The Monitor Picks Up a Babycall for Lionsgate

Lionsgate is set to release the long talked about flick Babycall, starring Prometheus' Noomi Rapace, under the title The Monitor; and we've got all the details you need to mark off your calendars ready and waiting for ya!

Listen Up for this New Trailer for Babycall

And Noomi Rapace thought she had problems in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo foreign franchise! As you're about to see, in Babycall there are far more nefarious things at work than an albino-like guy who can't feel pain!

AFM 2011: New Babycall Art and Imagery

Is there anything scarier than seeing a helpless child in a state of peril? Probably, but man, do we love watching flicks with kids in danger. Bonus points if they actually bite it! Where were we? Oh yeah, new imagery for Babycall!

AFM 2011: First Image and Sales Art: Babycall

AFM is kicking off soon, and we're trying to get you all of the goods we can before the show even starts! We're good like that! Next up to the plate: the first image and artwork for Babycall.

Full International Babycall Trailer Starts Screaming!

The full international trailer for the new Norwegian spooker Babycall has hit the interwebs, and though there are no English subtitles we're pretty sure you'll be to figure out what all of the screaming is about!

International Teaser Trailer Debut: Noomi Rapace in Babycall

Noomi Rapace has traded in her dragon tattoo for a turn at the horror genre in the new Norwegian spooker Babycall, and we have the very first look at the teaser trailer for you!

Noomi Rapace Listens for Horror in Babycall

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace is without question a hot ticket item in the world of movies, and we're happy to report that with the new Norwegian flick Babycall she'll be dabbling in the horror genre!