B-Sides: Cat's Eye Is King

When you consider that Stephen King movies during the Eighties boasted theme songs performed by the likes of AC/DC and The Ramones, having the guy most famous for singing “Everything Is Beautiful”, “Ahab the Arab”, “Gitarzan”, and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” provide one probably seemed like a strange choice.

B-Sides - In Honor of This Weekend's Carmageddon

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, then you’ve no doubt ended up with Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” stuck in your head. Now if only anyone could figure out what was going through his head when he filmed this depressingly surreal music video for such an upbeat song.

B-Sides: Must Love Blob Double Feature

The original 1958 version of The Blob opened with a kooky custom theme song that was all about warning listeners to “beware of the blob”. The 1988 remake concludes with a power ballad that ... I’m not really sure what “Brave New Love” has to do with not getting devoured by acidic ooze.

B-Sides - Americans Never Say Die

For this Fourth of July weekend we bid adieu to the horror genre for an inspirational Eighties theme song from a classic Eighties slice of cinematic jingoism. American cheese doesn’t come any cheesier than this signature song or its fab-u-lous music video.

B-Sides - The Words Get Stuck in My Throat

Break out the ear plugs for this week’s B-Sides because we’re heading into the sort of golden throat territory typically reserved for the musical stylings of William Shatner. If you’ve ever seen War of the Gargantuas, you know of the musical horror I’ve dug out.

B-Sides - Do The Zombie Stomp

We’re leaping into the Wayback Machine for this week’s B-Sides, way back to the surf rock days of 1964 when the beach party and horror genre collided head on in a creature feature called The Horror of Party Beach and a groovy garage band called The Del-Aires wanted us all to do the “Zombie Stomp”.

B-Sides - Who Ya Gonna Call? Run DMC

Everyone remembers Ray Parker, Jr.’s classic “Ghostbusters” theme song. But how many of you remember Run DMC’s “Ghostbusters Rap” from the ill-advised sequel? If ever there ever was an argument against not making a third Ghostbusters, this embarrassing music video is it.

B-Sides: Your Invitation to Come to a Leatherface

Legendary horror icon Alice Cooper sang about Jason. The Fat Boys rapped about Freddy. Nobody sings about Michael Myers, although he did have a famous rocker direct him in two movies. But who croons for Leatherface?

The Debut of the New Weekly Feature B-Sides is Cop Rockin'

Are you ready for something new? Are you ready to rock? Then get ready for the first edition of the new weekend movie music video feature I’m calling B-SIDES. For this premiere installment I’ll be bringing you a musical double feature from two different films with three things in common: part 2’s from 1990 with “cop” in the title.