B-Sides: Encino Man’s Invited But Your Friends Can’t Come

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B-Sides: Encino Man's Invited But Your Friends Can’t ComeIt was 21 years ago this week that Alien 3 opened in theaters. Since Alien 3 didn’t spawn any music videos, I’m instead forced to go with Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil’s theme song to Encino Man, the other movie that opened on May 22, 1992.

Ah, May 22, 1992: The night I saw a double feature of Alien 3 and Encino Man. I remember being so excited for Alien 3 – then I actually saw it. Yeah, I know there are many of you out there ready to rush to the defense of Alien 3 – save your breath. That’s one you’ll never be able to sell me on. Wanna know how much I disliked Alien 3? I was so let down exiting the theater that I turned right back around, bought a ticket for Encino Man, and ended up enjoying it far more. That’s how bored and depressed I felt watching Alien 3. And that’s really saying something because if you’ve ever seen a few minutes of Encino Man in the two decades since, I’ll just politely note that it doesn’t hold up.

Before Brendan Fraser fought mummies, he was the one being awakened from a deep sleep, as an unfrozen caveman thawed out by Samwise and Pauley Shore, whose short-lived movie career was once best summarized by Bobcat Goldthwait when he said, “I guess the kids need a new Ernest?” The clueless caveman is brought to school as an exchange student, where wackiness ensues as he helps Sam… er, Sean Astin defeat the school bully and score with Full Moon movie cutie Megan Ward. Robin Tunney, however, still to this day remains unamused by the antics of “The Weasel”.

Somewhere between the Crüe breaking up and getting back together and before he would enjoy a new career as a reality star on VH1’s “Rock of Love,” Vince Neil’s solo music career churned out “You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come),” the title track to the Encino Man soundtrack.

The official music video sees Pauley Shore crashing a Vince Neil performance and eventually succeeding in getting invited into his dressing room with all the hot girls. The ending is even more depressing than Alien 3.

B-Sides: Encino Man's Invited But Your Friends Can’t Come

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