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B-Sides: Monsters Rule, OK?



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You kids can keep your Hotel Transylvania; most horrorphiles would rather hang out in a nightclub with Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Donald Pleasence telling ghoulish tales and listening to kooky music. Welcome to The Monster Club where monsters rule, ok.

The 1981 British film The Monster Club united several famous names from the world of Hammer horror for a campy mix of frightful tales and funky monster rock. Vincent Price starred as a blood-starved vampire who takes horror writer John Carradine to a special nightclub where the undead unwind as a thank you for contributing a small blood donation to quench his eternal thirst. There he’s told three tales of terror about a monster in a manor being swindled out of its fortune, a family of vampires contending with vampire hunters, and a film director taken captive when he location scouts in a town full of man-eating ghouls.

A series of musical interludes featuring the likes of B.A. Robertson, The Pretty Things, and UB40 separate the various segments. Now that I think about it, why has it taken me this long to feature The Monster Club in my B-Sides column? This movie is a B-Sides bonanza.

Arguably the crown jewel of The Monster Club soundtrack is a song by The Viewers whose title lurks at the heart of nearly every creature feature fan: “Monsters Rule, OK?”

Not only do you get to enjoy “Monsters Rule, OK?” in this clip from the film, you’ll also get to hear a bit of UB40’s contribution to the soundtrack as Vincent Price gives us all a quick educational lesson in monster genealogy.

Give it a listen, OK? If not, then you don’t rule.

bsides - B-Sides: Monsters Rule, OK?

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