B-Sides: Hands Off Jim Carrey, He Belongs to Me

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Twenty years before Twilight there was another teen movie built around a love triangle involving a vampire and a non-vampire fighting over a naive virgin. It was called Once Bitten and starred a newcomer named Jim Carrey. Unlike Twilight it was a comedy on purpose.

A young pre-Ace Ventura, pre-“In Living Color” Jim Carrey starred as a teenage virgin pursued by an aging vamp played by Lauren Hutton who desperately needs to the suck the blood from the inner thigh of a male virgin in order to maintain her eternal youth. This doesn’t sit well with his chaste girlfriend (Karen Kopins).

Given how popular tweener vampire tales are and how the notion of “cougars” has become a part of the pop culture lexicon, it really is kind of amazing that a remake of Once Bitten hasn’t already come to fruition.

Maria Vidal was something of a one-hit wonder back in the 80’s, charting with the theme song to the Lorenzo Lamas dance flick Body Rock – another B-Sides for another day. Vidal would go on to write songs for an eclectic mix of performers including Ace of Base, Belinda Carlisle, Reggaeton, and Tupac Shakur. She contributed two songs to the soundtrack of Once Bitten, one of which would become quite memorable thanks to the scene in which it was showcased.

The highlight of the 1985 comedy is a scene at a Halloween dance in which Hutton and Kopins engage in a what can only be described as a dance fight (and not of the You Got Served variety) over Carrey set to the highly appropriate tune “Hands Off”.

Here’s the song and that very scene from the underrated 1985 vampire comedy Once Bitten.

B-Sides: Hands Off Jim Carrey, He Belongs to Me

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  • Cinemascribe

    Big props to you for referring to this little gem as underrated, Foy. I’m a fan of “Once Bitten” myself. Saw it many, many times on cable back in the day. There are two moments from this movie that always stuck with me: One was Carrey’s reasoning for not wanting to join the ranks of the undead (“I’m a day person”) ,the other was an unexpected moment when some of Hutton’s henchmen are about to burst through a door in her lair while pursuing the heroes when she suddenly shouts for them to stop, pointing out that she has to pay to replace every door they destroy..so maybe they could try using the doorknob for change. The movie is weirdly quirky enough to have caught me off guard. Great choice for a B side!