B-Sides: If I Come in Peace, Will You Touch Me Tonight?

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I don’t know what the hell Shooting Star’s “Touch Me Tonight” has to do with Dolph Lundgren fighting a drug dealer from outer space that fires killer CDs from its wrists, but since it plays over the closing credits of I Come in Peace and I Come in Peace is one of the all-time great b-movies…

Craig R. Baxley’s criminally underrated 1991 sci-fi action thriller I Come in Peace stars Dolph Lundgren as a Houston cop who never breaks a promise partnered with a snarky government agent to investigate a series of murders committed by a 9-foot albino alien drug dealer that steals heroin from human pushers to inject it into the hearts of victims so it can then stab a tube in their skull to suck out the supercharged endorphins it makes their brain produce; endorphins, apparently, being a priceless intergalactic narcotic.

And let’s not forget the thing on its wrist that fires razor sharp CDs which zip homing in on the human body’s natural electro-magnetism, which much be centralized in the neck region given how it always seems to instinctively slash people’s throats with perfect precision.

What any of that has in common with the lyrics to the song “Touch Me Tonight” is anyone’s guess. Not that it really matters since the era from which I Come in Peace (Dark Angel to you non-Americans) hails was known for closing credits song that had little or nothing to do with the movie itself, particularly if the song in question was by a hair band singing about relationships in a non-power ballad format.

Shooting Star was such a band, and “Touch Me Tonight” was the Kansas City, Missouri rockers’ biggest hit, reaching #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1989. A year later the song would cap off I Come in Peace mere moments after Dolph Lundgren capped an alien pusher with the immortal line, “And you go in pieces, asshole!”, and b-movie musical immortality would be assured.

Here’s the original music video for Shooting Star’s “Touch Me Tonight” that got a good deal of airplay on MTV in 1989. No Dolph Lundgren or drug dealing spacemen are anywhere in it, which it really could have used since there’s a major Michael Bolton vibe from how the whole thing is shot. Women… can’t live with them, can’t suck out endorphins through a straw without them.

B-Sides: If I Come in Peace, Will You Touch Me Tonight?

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  • Cinemascribe

    Craig R. Baxley directed “I Come in Peace”? That’s really interesting. He’s the guy who would go on to direct what I consider to be the best Stephen King miniseries to date “Storm of the Century”.


    Edited to add: You gotta love how obvious Shooting Star was about not really performing but rather pantomiming on camera, to apparently be synched with the song later on, as evidenced by the fact that there were no news accounts of the band being deep fried by the electrical current running through their bodies due to using a microphone, keyboards and electric guitar in about a foot of standing water.

    80’s videos, man. They exhibit their own special brand of “WTF?” awesome.

    • Foywonder

      Craig R. Baxley followed up I Come in Peace by directing one of my other favorite guilty pleasures: Stone Cold with Brian Bosworth battling Mississippi outlaw bikers led by Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe.

  • Caterpillar

    How this film can be available as a “print-on-demand” DVD instead of a restored and remastered Blu-ray special edition with commentaries and tons of extras is frankly baffling. Such a classic!