B-Sides: The Long Lost Reptilicus Song

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Today’s B-Sides is a true rarity. I’m going to assume most of you monster movie fans out there are familiar with the 1961 giant serpent attacks Denmark movie Reptilicus. Were you aware the original Danish version of the film included a children’s musical number? If you weren’t, you’re about to get educated.

When American International Pictures released Sid Pink’s 1961 Eurokaiju flick Reptilicus in the US, they chose to edit out a few scenes they didn’t think would go over well with American audiences for some strange reason.

The first was a musical number about a half-hour in when the bumbling janitor that witnesses the rebirth of Reptilicus gathers a group of schoolchildren to regale them with the legend of this giant serpent; a scene that very quickly transforms into a song & prance number with the kids acting as the chorus singing about “chilicus” as this semi-crazed janitor does his best Stanley Spadowski impression. The scene is only available in the print of the film released in its homeland so, sadly, we will never get to hear this tune properly translated into English. That doesn’t make the brief musical interlude any less amazing to watch.

AIP also cut out the few special effects shots of Reptilicus flying over the city of Amsterdam that were quite special indeed. Reptilicus was already a snake marionette to begin with; flying around with its wings it looked like… Well, it looked like exactly what it was – a very unconvincing model being waved around on a string.

As a special B-Sides Dutch treat, I am bringing not only the lost “Reptilicus” song scene but below it you’ll get your chance to see two more videos showcasing the missing flying Reptilicus scenes. Can’t imagine why we were denied any of this dazzling footage (especially when you consider how dazzling the rest of that movie was).

B-Sides: The Long Lost Reptilicus Song

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  • theGoldenSimatar

    Aw man I LOVE this freaking movie. When I was a kid AMC showed a double feature of sci-fi, fantasy, horror films from the ’30s-early ’80s every Saturday morning for a time. Reptilicus was always one of my favorites, gotta find it on DVD.