Axelle Carolyn

Early Concept Art and One-Sheet: Axelle Carolyn's The Halloween Kid

That magical time of the year is quickly headed our way, and that's cause for much celebration within the horror community. And some people, in this case Axelle Carolyn, will be celebrating by releasing a new short film!

Axelle Carolyn's Hooked Available NOW!

A couple of days ago we gave you your first look at Axelle Carolyn's latest short film, Hooked, and now? Well now, dearest reader, you can dig on the whole enchilada yourself! All one hundred twenty seconds of it!

R.A. Mihailoff is Hooked on Axelle Carolyn!

And who could blame him? An incredibly smart, talented, and sexy chick who's big time into horror movies? Talk about the catch of the day! Speaking of which, we have the first look at Axelle's latest short film starring the big man himself, R.A. Mihailoff, entitled Hooked for ya!

The Last Post (Short, 2011)

Starring Jean Marsh, Kimberley Nixon, Darren Bransford Written and directed by Axelle Carolyn Produced by Witching Hour Films

Axelle Carolyn to Introduce Us to The Haunted

Axelle Carolyn sure has come a long way. From Dread Central contributor, to published author, to movie star. How can you not admire her tenacity and skill set? Next up - Axelle will be trying her hand at directing for Intandem Films with The Haunted.

Fantasia 2011: World Premiere of Short Film The Last Post

This year's Fantasia Film Festival is home to one of the longest lists of feature films we've seen in all our years of reporting on the fest. In addition they'll be screening several short films. Info on one of them, Axelle Carolyn's The Last Post, just landed in our inbox; and of course we have to share!

Ten New Stills from A Reckoning

As interest in director A.D. Barker’s headsy post-apocalyptic film A Reckoning, starring Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) and Axelle Carolyn (Centurion), grows, so does the number of images that are emerging from this brilliant film. Dread Central just received ten new stills for our readers to check out.

Second New Poster for A Reckoning Debuts

The folks behind the little-British-horror/psychological-movie-that-could, A Reckoning (aka Straw Man), have made good on their promise to debut a second new poster for the film; and of course we have it for you right here, hot off the presses! Synopsis:

Andrew Barker's A Reckoning Gets a New Poster

Things are coming together for the little-seen British horror/psychological film A Reckoning (aka Straw Man), directed by Andrew Barker. Here is the first of two new posters for the movie.

DOP Adam Krajczynski Talks A Reckoning

Adam Krajczynski. Remember that name as I am sure you will see it again; his talents as a cinematographer cannot go unrecognized. Shooting the little-seen (but that will hopefully be changing soon) film A Reckoning on an unbelievably tiny budget, Krajczynski’s vision is right there on the screen – beautiful, eerie, stunning and haunting.

Star Leslie Simpson Talks A Reckoning

Horror fans everywhere should recognize the name “Leslie Simpson” from such favorites as Dog Soldiers, where he played Pvt. Terry Milburn, The Descent where he played one of the horrific Crawlers and Doomsday where he was Carpenter, one of the soldiers that were to escort heroine Eden Sinclair into the “Hot Zone”.

Writer/Director Andrew Barker Talks A Reckoning

Writer/director Andrew Barker is a man with a mission. For his first feature film, the stunning and gut-wrenching A Reckoning (review here), his mission is to get the film out to the fans who so desperately want to see this movie and for good reason - it's excellent!

Reckoning, A (2010)

Starring Leslie Simpson, Axelle Carolyn Written and directed by Andrew Barker

Quick Update: Neil Marshall's World War II Alien Invasion Film

Never let it be said that we don't work quickly. Just about an hour ago we brought you a news item regarding what could be Neil Marshall's next project in which the news was interrupted by an overzealous fan in the audience. Now there's a bit more to tell.

Neil Marshall's Aliens Will Invade During World War II

You know what's frustrating? People who don't know when to shut up who interrupt others that are actually talking about something interesting or big. Case in point ... the first word on what could be Neil Marshall's next project.