Axelle Carolyn

Soulmate - Check Out The Opening Too Nasty for British Censors

So British censors have deemed the opening of Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate too nasty for public consumption. Well, here in the States we like nasty. We like it a lot. Check out the uncut opening right here.

UK Trailer Introduces You to Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate

Here at Dread we couldn't possibly be any prouder of Axelle Carolyn, who is an alum of this very website. She makes her feature debut with the ghost story Soulmate, and on tap for you today is the UK trailer for the flick. Show your support by checking it out!

Etheria Film Night Event Report: Red Carpet and Q&A Coverage from the U.S. Premiere of Soulmate

Etheria Film Night is a one-night event showcase of the best new horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, and thriller films from emerging female directors, headed by the tireless trio of Heidi Honeycutt, Stacy Hammon, and Kayley Viteo.

Axelle Carolyn Reveals Her Soulmate at Etheria Film Night

We here at Dread Central are super excited about the debut feature from Axelle Carolyn, who is an alum of this very website. It's a supernatural thriller called Soulmate, and it's set to headline this year's Etheria Film Night. Read on for details!

New One-Sheet for Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate

On tap right now is some beautiful artwork for Dread Central alum and fave Axelle Carolyn's latest film, Soulmate. This artwork comes courtesy of the uber-talented Graham Humphreys (who made the well-known UK posters for Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead II). Dig it!

AFM 2013: Axelle Carolyn Finds a Soulmate

Some new sales art for the next flick from Dread Central alum and fave Axelle Carolyn, Soulmate, is here; and we have every haunting pixel of it for ya. Read on for the latest details, and look for more soon!

AFM 2013: Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate Headed to Sitges and AFM

Good things are coming up for Dread Central alum and fave Axelle Carolyn as her new project cooking Soulmate is picking up big time steam. Read on for the latest details and look for more soon!

Axelle Carolyn Spooks Her Soulmate

Dread Central alum and fave Axelle Carolyn has a new project cooking, and we've got some stills from it right here for you! Get ready for the extremely atmospheric and creepy first photos from the upcoming flick Soulmate.

Axelle Carolyn to Direct Soulmate; Neil Marshall Will Exec Produce

Some great news came across our desk this week as we learned that Sterling Pictures, Witching Hour Films, and Screen Projex have set up the supernatural movie Soulmate, which Axelle Carolyn will direct and Neil Marshall will exec produce.

Anubis the Barkless Dog Fends Off Paranormal Activity

If only Micah had Anubis the Barkless Dog around to help him out before Katie went on her demonic rampage. Things surely would have ended up differently! That's right, kids! Everyone's favorite paranormal pooch is back keeping the world safe to rest your bones!

Raid Some Tombs with a Barkless Pooch!

Halloween is just around the corner. You can literally smell it in the air. Kind of makes you want to find the nearest fire hydrant, lift up your leg, and take a wonderfully relaxing piss. Okay, so maybe not, but for Anubis the Barkless Dog that would be appropriately fulfilling.

Halloween Kid, The (Short, 2012)

Starring Leo Donnelly, Anna Walton, Dave Legeno, Julian Glover; narrated by Derek Jacobi Directed by Axelle Carolyn

A Teaser Trailer for Axelle Carolyn's The Halloween Kid

We've been talking about Axelle Carolyn's new short film The Halloween Kid for a few months, and now that it's about to have its world premiere at BUFF, the prestigious International Children and Young People's Film Festival in Malmo, Sweden, in March, Carolyn has released a teaser trailer to celebrate.

Watch Axelle Carolyn's The Last Post Short Film Online Now!

Now that she's busily submitting her latest film, The Halloween Kid, to festivals, Axelle Carolyn has put her previous effort, The Last Post (review here), online to share with everyone. Check out this short film produced by Neil Marshall and starring Jean Marsh, which had its world premiere at the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival, right here!

More Stills From Axelle Carolyn's The Halloween Kid

Director Axelle Carolyn dropped us a line today with two more stills and a quick update regarding her new short film, The Halloween Kid, so of course we decided to share. Though the thought of being stingy did cross our minds.