Sam Worthington Talks Texas Killing Fields, Clash of the Titans 2, and the Avatar Sequels

Just a few years ago Sam Worthington was an up-and-coming actor whom most people wouldn't have recognized if he bumped into them on the street. But a few blockbusters (Terminator: Salvation, Clash of the Titans) and a starring role in the biggest movie of all time (Avatar) later, and suddenly Worthington is a household name.

Dinner For Fiends: Christmas with the Devils

Ready to kick back and enjoy the holiday weekend with your favorite lovable loonies? Good, because we're ready to engage in the act of giving you some good aural, yuletide style.

Max Brooks Talks World War Z Adaptation

Just the other day it was announced that the adaptation for Max Brooks’ amazing post-zombie apocalypse novel, World War Z, finally had a director in the form of Quantum of Solace helmer Marc Forster. The freaks at Fango then swooped in to talk to the author about the developments, all of which he seems very happy with.

Hansen Talks Russo's Escape of the Living Dead

The last thing the zombie world needs right now is another half-assed attempt to cash in on George Romero’s brilliance, but it looks like that’s just what we’re staring down the barrel of as John Russo prepares to unleash Escape of the Living Dead on us.