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New Scintilla Trailer and Stills Home to Gene-Splicing Hijinx

All sorts of goodies have emerged in promotion of Scintilla now that the flick has found both UK and US distribution. Mongrel Media has acquired all rights for North America, and Metrodome will be bringing the flick to the UK.

Let Us Prey and Cannibal Find Distribution Homes

Two upcoming horror flicks we've recently told you about. Several deals that will soon bring them into various territories around the globe. Read on for all the details! No really, read on. Go ahead. It's okay. You know you want to.

Poster Premiere and a Look at the New Trailer for Scintilla

UK horror/sci-fi film Scintilla has some new artwork and a pretty effective trailer to share. Look for more soon on this tale of mercenaries who discover a radical scientist's shocking creations and must save future generations from a human race genetically spliced with alien DNA.

Evil Found Underground in Scintilla

Who knows what horrors are contained within the Earth. Unless you have one of those nifty Total Recall remake elevators, there's just no way to know. Luckily for us monster movie fans, some poor souls are about to find out for themselves.

Scintillating First Details, Images, and Behind-the-Scenes Videos from New UK Horror/Sci-Fi Project Scintilla

Art Director Melanie Light dropped us a line today with the first details of a new project she's working on entitled Scintilla from AV Pictures. Read on to learn more and to see some stills and behind-the-scenes videos of the filming taking place now in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.

New Sales Art and Synopsis: The 4th Reich

More goodies are coming out of Cannes for the Nazi-themed romper stomper The 4th Reich. Up next for you cats is some new sales art as well as a plot crunch so long you'll need a bookmark to get through it all.

Sean Bean Goosesteps to The 4th Reich

Some pretty nifty necombats come out of Cannes concerning the latest Nazi-themed horror flick to come our way, The 4th Reich. Former "Game of Thrones" star Sean Bean has joined the ever growing cast, which includes Sean Pertwee, Tom Savini, and Craig Conway in Shaun Robert Smith's film.

The 4th Reich Marching in Berlin

How's that for a headline right out of a horror movie? While in all actuality what we're talking about here is far less dramatic, we just couldn't resist!

AFM 2011: Another Look at Truth or Dare

Just days after bringing you the latest artwork for the new scare fest coming out of the UK, Truth or Dare, we have some more eye candy from the flick right here waiting for you. Dig it!

AFM 2011: New Truth or Dare Sales Art Issues a Warning!

Some more eye candy of the ... shall we say ... buxom variety has arrived in our mailboxes just in time for AFM 2011, and have have every titillating pixel of it right here for your perusal. Dig it!

First Truth or Dare Image Reveals a Deadly Game

The first official still from the upcoming killfest from our friends across the pond known as Truth or Dare (not to be confused as a remake of the gloriously gory first ever direct-to-video feature of the same title) has come our way, and we dare you to look at it!

BritishTeens Play Truth or Dare to the Death

Not to be confused as a remake of the gloriously gory first ever direct-to-video feature of the same title, in this new Truth or Dare another group of teenagers are about to experience the terrors of playing games involving bottle spinning, question asking, and quick killing.

Horror Lives Inside the Stormhouse

There are a lot of horrors that take place in Iraq every day, and that's why it's as important as ever to bring our troops back home safe and sound. Dan Turner's new film Stormhouse however deals with a much different kind of mid-east terror.

Plot Details and Artwork for Gladiators v Werewolves: Edge of Empire

It was back in December, 2008, that Foy first told us about Gladiators v Werewolves from director Rob (The Bunker) Green, but details were scarce. Now, however, the UK's AV Pictures has provided a full synopsis and early poster art for the first installment in a proposed trilogy, now retitled to Gladiators v Werewolves: Edge of Empire.