Life Is a Game So Fight for Survival: A Look Back at Battle Royale

This weekend marked the release of The Belko Experiment, the long-awaited collaboration between genre stalwarts James Gunn and Greg McLean which pits a group of office workers in a scenario where they’re forced to kill each other at the behest a… Continue Reading

Crowdfunding Campaign Launches for Slimy New Creature Feature

The future of independent horror looks bright, with so many DIY filmmakers pursuing their demented dreams on their own accord. One such filmmaker is Canadian sprite Sebastian Godin, a 21-year-old rising talent whose short film Out of the Box (2015)… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Scares: 5 Great Horror Movies Featuring Ex-NFL Players

Horror and football aren’t exactly common bedfellows (horror sports movies is an untapped genre we need to see milked for all it’s worth), but that doesn’t mean to say they’re worlds apart either.  Throughout the years, players of the great… Continue Reading

On the Streets Pimps, Prostitution, Yetis and Romance Collide

Another Yeti

If you’re a fan of micro-budget trash, then you might have come across Yeti: A Love Story while raiding the internet’s murkiest corners for cinematic gems.  Released by Troma in 2006, the film follows five college students who go to the woods… Continue Reading

I Bleed Indie: A VOD Platform For Indie Horror Fans

Listen up, indie horror fans! The Blood Shed has launched a VOD platform which focuses solely on the promotion of indie and international horror. Read on for details. I Bleed Indie has already acquired over 100 feature films for the… Continue Reading

Cool Movies to Look Forward to in 2017

With a brand new year approaching, we edge even closer to the inevitable end of our own mortality.  2017 Is just around the corner, which means we have 12 whole months’ worth of new releases to look forward to.  From… Continue Reading

CarousHELL (2016)

Starring Steve Rimpici, Haley Madison, Se Marie Directed by Steve Rudzinski 2016 has saw several excellent releases in genre cinema; from the mainstream to the underground and everything in between, releases which have catered to a variety of moods and… Continue Reading

The Terminator Getting a Board Game Adaptation

Horror fans have been excited for the upcoming Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game from Space Goat Productions – which absolutely crushed its Kickstarter campaign earlier this year – but now the developers already have their next project in the… Continue Reading