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NSFW! Bad Kids Go to Hell and Start Stripping!

Alrighty, kids! Get ready for some more naughty hump day action as we're rocking two new clips from Bad Kids Go to Hell, one of which is completely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. That is, unless your boss or co-workers enjoy big bouncing breasts as much as we do!

Hal Puts on the Ritz in this Sneak Peek of the Series Finale of Being Human (UK)

Fans of the UK series "Being Human" are preparing for the series finale next Sunday, March 10th, and we have a sneak peek of the episode, entitled "The Last Broadcast," in which vampire Hal celebrates his return to the dark side by dancing around his new recruits.

A Sneak Peek of Being Human (UK) Episode 5.05 - No Care, All Responsibility

In next Sunday's Episode 5.05 of "Being Human" on BBC Three, entitled "No Care, All Responsibility," Tom gets worried when the new girl awakens "feelings" within him - is she really demon spawn? Check out a sneak peek right here!

Get Nailed by this Latest Clip for Bad Kids Go to Hell

Matthew Spradlin's indie horror comedy Bad Kids Go to Hell is now available On Demand, and to celebrate its arrival, the powers-that-be have released a new clip that's bound to help you get nailed.

Bad Kids Go to Hell and Find Distribution

Good news for you cats out there looking forward to Matthew Spradlin's indie horror comedy Bad Kids Go to Hell! The flick has landed itself some distribution, and we have all the details for you right here along with a new still. Read on!

Exclusive: Judd Nelson on Bad Kids Go to Hell, Nurse 3D, The Breakfast Club's Legacy and More

Today, December 7th, the teen horror comedy Bad Kids Go to Hell hits limited theaters nationwide, and to mark the occasion, we recently caught up with one of the film's co-stars, Judd Nelson.

First Clip Arrives for Bad Kids Go to Hell; Meet Some of the Cast and Crew Tonight!

Bad kids may go to hell, but they sure have fun before doing so. Check out the first clip from Matthew Spradlin's Bad Kids Go to Hell and see if you'd rather be bad or good - Santa be damned!

Green-Band Trailer Premiere - Bad Kids Go to Hell

Alrighty, kids! Time for your first look at the official green-band trailer for the upcoming horror comedy Bad Kids Go to Hell. Read on to see smarmy little rich kids get what's coming to them! In a perfect world, I tell ya!

New One-Sheet for Bad Kids Go to Hell Fires Up!

Another look at Bad Kids Go to Hell has come our way along with some further screening news so read on for all the details you need to see these smarmy little pricks go up in flames. Dig it!

New Stills, Poster, and Screening Info for Bad Kids Go to Hell

After having its North American premiere at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, things have been quiet from the Bad Kids Go to Hell camp, but that's changing now as we have some new stills, a new poster, and screening info to share.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Bad Kids Go to Hell Screening, Trailer, and More!

Kids. You love 'em. You hate 'em. You want to see some of them burn in hell. Who could blame you what with their constant texting, bickering, etc. So about that whole hell thing... If you're gonna be at this week's SDCC, you're in luck!