Attack of the Herbals

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Have a Cuppa on Us – Win Attack of the Herbals on DVD!

It’s a well known global fact that we Brits love our tea – so just how disastrous would it be if that delicious nectar led to a zombie outbreak? Well, you can find out the answer for yourself by being one of three lucky readers to win a copy of Scottish comedy-horror Attack of the Herbals!

Crazy Nazi Tea Runs Amok in Latest Attack of the Herbals Trailer

There is nothing that the working man hates more than when the big corporate entity blows into their small towns, their simple lives, and tries to take over. Best way to stop this? Unleash a zombie epidemic on the general public. That tends to distract them.

Attack of the Herbals Gets a New Website and a Clip Montage

The good (and slightly crazed) folks behind David Keith's upcoming horror comedy Attack of the Herbals have launched a brand new website and blessed the online world with a spiffy little clip montage! Dig it!

Second Attack of the Herbals Trailer Puts Even More Tea in Your Terror

Tea. Soothing warm drink or springboard for chaos? Our vote goes to the latter as evidenced by the new trailer for David Keith's horror comedy Attack of the Herbals. Check it out below along with the artwork, original trailer, and the plot crunch. Look for more soon. Synopsis

Attack of the Herbals Puts the Tea in Terror

You know, we site here every day pretty much as jaded as can be, waiting for someone to shock us as we have just about seen it all. Then along comes an indie filmmaker with a premise for their flick so ludicrous that we have to pay attention. Case in point ...