At the Mountains of Madness

Del Toro Booked for Next Nine Years

An article in this morning’s Variety lays out all the projects Guillermo del Toro is attached to between now and 2017(!). Aside from the five years he’s set aside for The Hobbit, Universal has some huge plans for his post-Tolkien work. Doesn’t look like he’ll be making any small, Pan’s Labyrinth-sized films anytime soon.

Del Toro Talks Upcoming Work

I love reading interviews with Guillermo del Toro, I really do. The man just knows his shit and has so many projects he’s juggling at once, it’s great to just read him talking about them, even if we’re all aware that most may never see the light of day. Hopefully At the Mountains of Madness is not one of those...

Del Toro's Future

I remember there was a span of about three months a year or so back when it seemed like every other day we were hearing about a new project that Guillermo del Toro was attached to in some way, be it as producer, writer, developer ...

Del Toro Headed for Madness

It's always great to see people get a chance to work on their passion projects.

del Toro Speaks of Madness

Even though he’s in the midst of getting Hellboy 2 up and running, prolific director Guillermo del Toro is already looking forward to his next dozen or so projects, including the recently announced Tarzan adaptation.