Asham Kamboj

Basement (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Danny Dyer, Jimi Mistry, Soraya Radford, Emily Beecham Directed by Asham Kamboj Distributed by Revolver Entertainment

Trailer Debut - Asham Kamboj's Basement

And the Friday trailer bus keeps on rolling. This time we've got a look at the upcoming UK thriller Basement on tap for you. In case you can't tell horror from a hole in the ground.

First Images and New Website: Asham Kamboj's Basement

You would think that with "Lost" mania still a big part of pop culture (despite its lukewarm finale), people who run into a mysterious hatch popping out of the ground in the middle of nowhere would just turn around and leave it alone. But hey ... then we wouldn't have a horror movie now, would we?

Danny Dyer Locked in the Basement

Danny Dyer is making a hell of a name for himself within the horror genre. Having already appeared in the acclaimed Severance and most recently in Jake West's Doghouse, the actor's ready to revisit his horror roots once again in Basement.