Asa Butterfield

Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield Introduce a Sneak Peek of the Ender's Game Teaser Trailer

On Tuesday, May 7th, the teaser trailer for Ender's Game is being released, but today we have a sneak peek of it introduced by stars Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield.

Ben Kingsley Puts On His Murder Face in New Ender's Game Still

There was a time when Ben Kingsley's hairstyle dictated whether the movie he was in was either good or bad. For the record, a bald Kingsley equals a good movie. But now that we have tattooed Kingsley in Ender's Game, our Ben ch'i is officially out of whack!

First One-Sheet from Ender's Game Heads into the War Room

The first official teaser one-sheet for Gavin Hood's big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game has arrived, and it offers you a glimpse into the room where the tough decisions are made. Check it out.