Art Bell

Exclusive - Art Bell Addresses Sirius Radio Dark Matter Departure

Legendary paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell began his latest broadcast endeavor with Sirius satellite radio several weeks ago. Entitled Dark Matter, the show was an instant hit with fans both new and old. Sadly, it seems as if Bell is now leaving the program. Read on for his comments.

Horror Heavyweights Share Their Biggest Fears and Favorite Scary Movies!

We thought it would be fun to reach out to the horror genre's biggest and brightest stars - both legends in the industry and up-and-coming superstars - to ask them two quick questions: What's your biggest fear, and what's your favorite scary movie?

Breaking News - Art Bell Returning to Radio

Legendary paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell is getting ready to take to the airwaves again, and we couldn't be more pleased. In our opinion his replacement on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory, could never hold a candle to the man, so the fact that he'll be doing his thing again fills us with joy!