Wake Up to This Exclusive Clip from Armynel

On tap right now is an exclusive clip from the upcoming spooker Armynel. Watch it. Multiple times even. Then send it to your friends and make sure that they do the same. Doing so will increase your sexiness tenfold. Trust us. We know stuff like this!

New Armynel Stills Feature Running, Kneeling, and Chicks Kissing

Let us guess... it wasn't the mention of either running or kneeling that got you to click on this story, now was it? In any event, we're glad that you did, and as promised, we have all of the aforementioned and more on tap for you!

Official Armynel Artwork Unmasked on its Way to DVD

Sometimes things are just better left alone. Untreated. For instance, one quick trip to the shrink can open up one hell of a spooky and deadly can of worms. That's exactly the case with this latest indie film Armynel. Read on for details.