Army of Darkness 2

Bruce Campbell Takes a Chainsaw Hand to Army of Darkness 2 Rumors

Sequels to the original Evil Dead franchise have been rumored, teased, and talked about since as far back as I can remember. Now that The Evil Dead has been remade, you'd think those rumors would come to an end, but that hasn't quite been the case.

Sam Raimi Directing Army of Darkness 2

More rumblings have come in from the Evil Dead camp regarding the long talked about Army of Darkness 2 or Evil Dead 4 or Evil Dead remake 2 or whatever the hell it is!

Bruce Campbell Confirms Army of Darkness 2

The headline pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Wanna know more? Of course you do! How could you not? Sit back, relax, and get the skinny on the biggest news of the whole damned week!

Exclusive: Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead on Blu-ray and Evil Dead 4 / Army of Darkness 2

With the release of Evil Dead on Blu-ray and DVD looming we got a chance to catch up with franchise icon Bruce Campbell who spoke about the home video release as well as potential sequels to the remake. Read on for the whole enchilada straight from the chin himself!

Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4 or Army of Darkness 2 or Something Like That

While doing press for the upcoming release of Evil Dead, The Chin, aka Bruce Campbell, had some choice thoughts pertaining to a proper sequel to the original trilogy of films. Read on for the latest.