Armand Assante

Ron Perlman Tracks a Killer by Nature

The new Ron Perlman flick Killer by Nature, written and directed by Douglas S. Younglove and co-starring Armand Assante, is getting set to make its DVD debut, and we've got the trailer, artwork, and more details for you right here. Dig it!

Smile (2011)

Starring Armand Assante, Robert Capelli, Jr., Harriet MacMasters-Green, Antonio Cupo, Manuela Zanier, Mourad Zaoui Directed by Francesco Gasperoni

Armand Assante is a Killer By Nature

To this very day every time I think of Armand Assante, the only thing that crosses my mind is his role in Judge Dredd, in which he played Sylvester Stallone's twin of sorts. What can I say? As bad as it was, it made an impression.

New Steam Experiment Pics

To your right you can see one of a few pics that dropped recently from The Steam Experiment, the serial killer film on its way from director Phillippe Martinez, which Genius Product recently nabbed for distribution. Not a bad way to start off your hump day, is it?

Trio Joins Steam Experiment

Val Kilmer, Patrick Muldoon, and Armand Assante are three men with one thing in common: They’ve all joined the cast of an indie thriller called The Steam Experiment, a new directorial project for prolific producer Philippe Martinez according to THR.