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Dread Central Talks with the Cast of Frozen

There are very few directors who would be ballsy enough these days to put three young actors alone, stranded on a ski lift, and think that would work as an entertaining horror movie. This is what makes the upcoming Frozen and its director, Adam Green, that much more remarkable in terms of producing original genre films.

New Frozen Clip Brings on the Chills

Adam Green's Frozen is right around the corner, and the promo materials are beginning to come in hot (or should we say "cold") and heavy. Next up a clip that shows the set-up for what's likely to be a really brutal night!

Half a Dozen New Frozen Stills

More Frozen news? Already?!? Hey, man! This is the internet! Things move sometimes impossibly fast! Still, we just got our sticky little fingers on some official behind-the-scenes stills from Adam Green's latest flick and we figured we'd spread them around!

Frozen Q&A with Adam Green

We've all heard about films sometimes being really hard to make. The conditions director Adam Green made his upcoming film Frozen under were nothing short of psychotic. Dread Central received a Q&A with Green in which he sheds a lot of light on this chilly new project!

Official Frozen Website Opens Its Doors

Cold outside? Well, don't look to warm yourself up by sitting beside your PC surfing the net for greener pastures because things just got a bit more frigid online! That's right, kids, the official site for Adam Green's Frozen has just opened its doors, and though it's a bit barren now, we hear you should keep an eye on it for lots of goodies really soon!

Trailer Debut for Adam Green's Frozen

Finally the trailer for Adam Green's Frozen has debuted, and much like the film itself, it is extremely badass! Just try and deny the chills! We get cold just watching it!

Frozen One-Sheet Gives You the Chills

One film everyone's looking forward to seeing at this year's Sundance is Adam Green's Frozen, and with good reason ... the flick is pretty damned good, not to mention super intense. The official one-sheet debuted tonight, and we've got the road map of where to see it.

First Stills from Adam Green's Frozen

The wait is nearly over for the release of Adam Green's latest film, Frozen, which turns the term "Survival Horror" on its ear! We're just a few short weeks away from the film's debut at Sundance in January (after which Anchor Bay will release the film in select theatres February 5th), and to gear up for this bona fide chiller, we have some stills for you!

Ready to Be Frozen in February?

The dead of winter. What better time to release Adam Green's long awaited film Frozen than when most of the country are shivering their asses off?

Happy Halloween from ArieScope Pictures: The Jack Chop

Holy shit! Those are the only words that came to mind while watching the latest Halloween themed short from Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures. Starring Paul Solet (Grace), Jack Chop is an infomercial that would have Vince (you're gonna love his nuts) from "Slap Chop" pissing in his pants! Watch and enjoy!

Green, Adam (Frozen)

So when exactly does Adam Green sleep? That's been the question floating around here at the Dread Central offices and honestly? The answer will probably remain a mystery for eternity. Recently w

Exclusive: Adam Green Talks Frozen! Exclusive Images!

Adam Green is no stranger to filming under some of the most horrendous conditions possible, and with his new feature Frozen he put himself, his actors, and his crew to the test. Recently we caught up with Adam in between the nine billion things he has going on to get the skinny on his upcoming film.

Tiny Teaser Poster for Frozen

You never know what you're gonna find while you're surfing around online these days. For instance over on the official ArieScope website there's a teeny tiny preliminary teaser poster for Adam Green's upcoming chiller Frozen.

ArieScope Site Re-Launches With New Merch, Video Features

Hey, Victor Crowley fans, wanna dress up like your favorite deformed (albeit slightly tragic) killer this Halloween? Well, then we’ve got some good news for you!

Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes of Adam Green's Frozen

Curious as to what it's like on the set of Adam Green's Frozen? Man, do we have something tasty for you guys.