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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Limited Edition Hatchet III Teaser Poster

This Saturday Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures will be distributing limited edition teaser posters for their upcoming horror sequel Hatchet III exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have a look at it right here!

Annual ArieScope Halloween Short Now Online - Downloading and You

Shot in the style of a 1950's PSA, the yearly Halloween short from Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures (lucky #13 this year!) has landed online today, taking a lighthearted swing at the illegal downloading predicament. Internet pirates, take warning! The rest of you, watch and enjoy!

Exclusive Update: Adam Green on Hatchet 3

Since its announcement there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming sequel Hatchet 3. Loads of info has been popping up here and there regarding casting news, etc. So, as a means to get to the bottom of it, we went to the man himself ...

Hatchet 3 Ready to Slice its Way into Your Heart

You knew it was coming. More bloodshed was inevitable. It's with great pleasure that we announce that the body count is about to continue. Steady yourself ... Hatchet 3 is a GO! From the Press Release

Yearly ArieScope Halloween Short Now Online - Remember to Just Take One!

Just like snorting ground candy corn, bobbing for nipple-tassles, and cahvin' our fahkin' pumpkins, kid, it's become a Halloween tradition here in the Dread Central offices to gather 'round the monitor and watch Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures' yearly Halloween short and this latest one does not disappoint!

New Hatchet Army and Jack Chop T-Shirts On Sale NOW

Attention Hatchet fans -- the official second edition Hatchet Army T-shirts are now available for purchase, and since we know how much you love flying your freak flags, we figured we'd point you in the right direction.

Frozen Not Playing By You? Here's How to Change That!

Pissed off that Adam Green's Frozen (review here) isn't playing by you? We don't blame you one bit! Adam dropped us a line tonight with some really simple information about what you can do to change that. It only takes a second!

Exclusive Video: Frozen Theater Q&A

On Friday, February 5th, the cast and crew of Adam Green's latest flick, Frozen, showed up at the Mann's Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood for the premiere evening of the film.

Frozen is in Theatres NOW! Tell Us What You Think and Dig on a New Clip!

Why are you reading this? Your ass should be at the theatre digging on Adam Green's Frozen! Need another excuse to seek this flick out? How about a brand new clip then?

See Frozen This Friday and Saturday in LA With the Cast and the Crew

Fans in the Los Angeles area are in for a real treat as there's a special screening of Adam Green's new chiller Frozen that will allow you to see the movie with some of the film's cast and crew as well as participate in a live Q&A!

New Frozen Clip Turns Out the Lights

This Friday Adam Green's Frozen hits limited theatres nationwide (click here for info), and another clip has surfaced to give you the chills. If this flick is playing ANYWHERE near you, you need to go and check it out!

EXCL: Things Get Chilling at Sundance Frozen Screenings

About an hour ago we got an e-mail in our inbox from DC reader Gary Luchessi, who attended the last screening of Frozen at Sundance. Gary had two reasons for writing: one, to let us know that our Frozen review (read it here) was on the money, and two, to let us know that someone fainted in the bathroom during last night's screening. Interesting.

Exclusive: Adam Green Talks Frozen at Sundance / First Theatre Listings

I can remember interviewing Adam Green this time last year one late night for an article about Grace, Paul Solet’s film that had premiered during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, which Green helped champion and produce.

Find Out Where You Can Get Frozen

Fans looking forward to the theatrical release of Adam Green's Frozen (review here) won't have to wait much longer to sink their mitts into the chilly goodness as it's slated to hit select theatres on February 5th.

Second Frozen Clip

The release of Adam Green's Frozen is approaching rapidly, and a new clip with a very familiar face has surfaced for your viewing pleasure!