Arielle Kebbel

Celebrate The Vampire Diaries' 100th Episode by Re-enacting Your Favorite Moment

"The Vampire Diaries" has kicked off a pretty cool promotion in honor of its 100th episode, airing on January 23, 2014. Read on for the details of how you could be featured on a future edition of the show's "Rehash" video series.

Red Mist (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Carter, Stephen Dillane, MyAnna Buring, Andrew Lee Potts Directed by Paddy Breathnach Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Red Mist Gets New Site & Trailer

Paddy Breathnach's latest horror flick, Red Mist, got itself a spiffy new website that features an all new trailer, and as per usual we've got the directions for you to check out the goods!

Video Interviews With the Ladies of The Uninvited!

For those of you dying for more info on The Uninvited, the U.S. remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, we’ve got three interviews with the lovely lead ladies for you to feast your eyes upon!

Two Clips From The Uninvited!

I don’t know if you’re looking forward to The Uninvited, a remake of the Korean hit A Tale of Two Sisters, but it’s out on January 30th, and you know, being a horror fan, that you’re going to be there when it opens.

An Uninvited Trailer

If you've still got an itch for remakes of Korean movies, and who doesn't these days, then we're glad to say the trailer for The Uninvited is now online!

Red Mist Gets Freaky

In news that just kinda came out of nowhere, Fangoria got word that Shrooms (review) director Paddy Breathnach's follow up feature that has been commonly known as Red Mist will be undergoing a name change, to Freakdog of all things.

Official Red Mist Synopsis

Remember Paddy Breathnach’s Red Mist, his enigmatic follow up to Shrooms (DVD review)? It was announced in passing a few times, but to date nothing official has been given out as to what it’s actually about.

Shrooms Follow-Up Gets Four

Paddy Breathnach isn’t waiting around to see how well his first film, Shrooms, does when it's released here in the States on DVD this March 25th; Variety is reporting that he’s already moved on to his next project, a supernatural thriller called Red Mist.

Kebbel Signs for Sisters

More casting news for the Tale of Two Sisters remake has landed in the trades today, and it’s hot. Namely, said casting is Arielle Kebbel (The Grudge 2), who has signed on as one of the two sisters mentioned in the film's title. And that, friends, is hot. Bit of a change from the original since the girls seemed much younger in that, but then Koreans never do show their age very accurately, do they?