Ariel Schulman

Third Viral Clip from Paranormal Activity 3

And the creepiness continues this fine Monday afternoon with a third clip surfacing for Paranormal Activity 3. What terrors await? Read on to find out and see for yourself.

Exclusive Shiver Inducing Clip - Paranormal Activity 3

Here we are. Monday afternoon. Suddenly a knock on the door reveals a messenger carrying a box containing an old VCR. Confused, we sign for it and take it inside. Upon opening it up, we find yet another package inside along with the dusty VHS player.

Ultra Spooky First Clip from Paranormal Activity 3

The madness has begun. The first clips from Paranormal Activity 3 have begun hitting the Net in the strangest way possible ... via VHS tape! More on that later; for now dig on the goods!

See the Official Paranormal Activity 3 One-Sheet RIGHT NOW!

In a co-exclusive with our brothers at Bloody Disgusting, we are proud to debut to you the first official one-sheet for the latest entry into the franchise that showed people what it's like to be truly afraid of the dark.

Exclusive Breaking News: Big Names for Paranormal Activity 3

You want the rock solid, no rumor BS Paranormal Activity 3 news that you can count on to be real? We have it right here for you. Read on for all of the details that you've been looking for to start getting yourself ready for when things go bump in the night this fall!