Ardis Campbell

Exclusive Mold! Clip Grows On You

Ah, Thursday. You're like the signpost that leads us into the weekend. To show you how much we love you, we're going to give you the gift of Mold! Well, really a clip with Mold! in it. The gross and disgusting kind.

Mold! Finally to Grow on DVD this May

Mold can be a slow-growing organism. For Neil Meschino’s icky, gory throwback to slimy Eighties horror movies, Mold!, it’s been a slow-growing process from conception to digital. The spores finally take hold when the film infects digital this May.

Check Out the Official Trailer for Mold! and Then Watch the Entire Flick Online!

So what exactly will survive after a nuclear disaster? Cockroaches and mold. With resiliency like that, you'd have to imagine that sooner or later some horror director would tap the funky fungus to be the star of a film ... and Neil Meschino is just that director. Read on for the details.