Apollo 18

Apollo 18 Taking Off in April

What do you expect? Missions to the moon are complicated, man! All sorts of setbacks can happen. In any event Dimension Films announced today that Apollo 18 will be launching in theatres on April 22, 2011, instead of the previously announced date in early March.

New Secret Document Uncovered Regarding Apollo 18

A very famous show once touted the fact that the truth is out there. While that may be so, we just wish certain parts of it weren't blacked out! Get set for some more viral goodness coming out of the Apollo 18 camp!

The Truth About Apollo 18

And the viral goodness keeps on coming in anticipation of Dimension Films' upcoming cinéma-vérité shock-fest Apollo 18, and we're loving every minute of it.

New Apollo 18 Viral Examines Why We Haven't Been Back to the Moon

In light of the WikiLeaks hoopla, it seems as if all of our government's "secrets" are slowly oozing out. One of them has just been "uncovered" pertaining to why our country hasn't been back to the moon.

One-Sheet Debut and Viral Clip - Apollo 18

Talk about hitting the fast track. It seems as if The Weinsteins are releasing new stuff for their upcoming found footage flick Apollo 18 just about every week, and that's totally cool as far as we're concerned because this alien flick is looking pretty kick-ass!

Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego Takes Off on Apollo 18

Found footage films continue to find their niche within the genre, and we're totally cool with that as long as they're good. With several deadly alien life form films on the way, both cinéma-vérité style and otherwise, 2011 is shaping up to be the type of cinematic extraterrestrial invasion that was last echoed in the UFO crazed Fifties and Sixties.

The Weinsteins Acquire Shelter and Set a Date for Apollo 18

The Weinsteins may be down, but you can never count them out. Some more news for two of their latest acquisitions has trickled in, and we've got all you need to know!

AFM 2010: The Weinsteins Acquire Apollo 18

You just can't keep the Weinsteins down. Say what you want about them, they're one of the most resilient companies on the planet! So resilient in fact they're making acquisitions at AFM! That's right, kids, there's more alien mayhem coming our way in Apollo 18.