Move Over, Mayans! Apple's Siri Is the New Prophet of Doom!

For years the world had feared the coming of the year 2012. Mainly because the Mayans decided to stop updating their calendar. The result of all that hoopla? A hilarious disaster porn comedy starring John Cusack. This, however... this is something to be taken far more seriously.

What If the World Ended During a Job Interview? Must See Video!

It's Friday and we all have one thing in common... we want the day to end so we can enjoy our usual weekend hijinx. Jobs, even cool jobs, suck; but there's one thing worse... job interviews. Still, as you'll see from this hilarious prank video, they've never gotten this bad!

Box Office Report: World War Z More Like World War $

Monsters ruled the box office this weekend in a big way. The top spot belonged to the monsters of Monsters University, but nipping at their heels were the 3D PG-13 ant zombies of World War Z. How weird is it that on the small screen R-rated zombies garner huge ratings, but you have to make them bloodless PG-13 to find huge success on the big screen?

The Seen and The Unseen - Afraid of the End of the World? Move to Kansas!

Having just seen This Is the End, the new Seth Rogen and Co. movie, the end of the world is on my mind. Everyone from scientists to raving right/left wing nuts living out on the commune think something is going to happen. And, they believe, it’s not going to be pretty.

Chronicles of the Dead Is Back with Apocalypse Part 2

The second full length episode of zombie web series Chronicles of the Dead is now available, and we have it in its entirety right here. It's an horrific 24-minute piece that can best be described as a mini-movie.

Chronicles of the Dead (Web Series)

Starring Anastasia Leddick Directed by Brian Hernandez Written by Younger Robbins and Brian Hernandez

Apocalypse - The First Episode of Zombie Web Series Chronicles of the Dead - Now Available

We've been following the progress of zombie web series Chronicles of the Dead for a while now, and the first episode, entitled "Apocalypse," is now available. You can watch it in its entirety right here!

Unique Dark Fantasy Comedy Apocalypse, CA Coming December 13th

Okay, answer this one. What has a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth, a 300-foot tall woman, mind-bending drugs and all-out gun battle? If you said Apocalypse, CA, the upcoming film with a December 13 DVD release date, then you are absolutely right! (And probably a bit psychic…how could you know that?)

It's The End for Warner Brothers

This is the end. Beautiful friend. This is the end. My only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that stands, the end. No safety or surprise, the end. I'll never look into your eyes ... again. No, it's not really the end for the house the bunny built, but damnit, we love that song! Anyway ...

Pray for Daylight (CD)

Written and Performed by Chris Kiehne Produced by Chris Kiehne

Tony Todd Hops in the Director's Chair for Catalytic

In his expansive career Tony Todd has accomplished many a milestone. This latest bit of news comes as without question one of the finest feathers in his cap. That's right, kids! The man himself is getting set to conjure up some fear in a brand new way!

Giant Asteroid and Giant Women Strike Apocalypse, CA

"Logic hasn't exactly been this week's selling point," declares one of the characters at the end of the trailer for Apocalypse, CA. Yeah, I can see where he's coming from. This looks to be an offbeat indie film that mixes asteroid Armageddon, another attack of a 50-foot woman, and a bunch of twenty-somethings with screwed up personal relationships.

Pariah (Book)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Written by Bob Fingerman

Dennis Iliadis to Direct Dead@17

Last House on the Left remake director Dennis Iliadis accomplished the impossible in my eyes. He took one of my favorite genre films, albeit one with some very rough edges, and fashioned a wholly satisfying (and grimy) remake that stands as a worthy companion piece to the original. Wondering what Iliadis is fixing his sights on next? Keep reading!