Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Official Specs and Artwork for Magnolia's Home Video Release of Storage 24

Now that's it's finished up its limited theatrical run (you can still catch it on VOD though), Storage 24 is poised to hit Blu-ray and DVD on March 12th from Magnolia Home Entertainment, and we have a look at the box art along with the full list of special features.

New Storage 24 Poster Has Claws

The Japanese one-sheet for Magnet's Storage 24, which is available now on Ultra VOD, has been unveiled; and we have it for you right here in all its clawful glory. Check it out, and look for Storage 24 in limited theatres beginning January 11th.

Exclusive: Co-writer and Star Noel Clarke Talks Storage 24 and More

In the upcoming British creature feature Storage 24, we follow two former lovers who pick the wrong day to sort out their shared storage unit- while inside their locker, London has descended into chaos as a military plane crashes into the city, unleashing a deadly alien in the area.

Go Behind the Scenes of Storage 24 With a New Featurette

This morning we posted an exclusive clip from Magnet's Storage 24, which hit Ultra VOD today, and now we have a look behind the scenes with a new featurette for the film. Check it out, and look for Storage 24 in limited theatres beginning January 11th.

Exclusive Storage 24 Clip For You to Feast On

Alrighty, kids! What better way could there be to start your day than being privy to some exclusive horror-laden goodness? That's just what we have in store for you right now with the following clip for Storage 24 starring Noel Clarke, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, and Laura Haddock.

Magnet Unveils the Official Release Trailer for Creature Feature Storage 24

A pretty intense new trailer for Storage 24 has arrived, just in time for the flick's December 6th Ultra VOD release and limited theatrical run set to begin January 11th. It promises to be a heart-pounding, gory horror film, and we can't think of a better to kick off 2013!

Magnet Finds New One-Sheet in Storage 24

Magnet has released the official one-sheet for Storage 24. Look for the flick on Ultra VOD December 6th with a limited theatrical run set for January 11th. Check out the eye candy right here and look for more on the flick soon!

Storage 24 Trailer Dusted Off

One thing's for sure - they never found anything like this in the hit TV series "Storage Wars" although we're fairly certain that if they did, Darrell Sheets would proclaim it to be a thirty dollar bill all day and then eventually get outbid by Dave Hester. Yup!

Other Side of Sleep, The (2011)

Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Sam Keeley, Olwen Fouere, Cathy Belton Directed by Rebecca Daly