Antoine Fuqua

Cover Artwork for After Dark Comic Issues #0 and #1

Nothing like a little post-apocalyptic mayhem to pique our interest in a new comic. Especially when it comes from the likes of director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn’s Finest, Training Day), actor Wesley Snipes (Blade), and award-winning writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Skreemer). And that's exactly what we have in Radical Publishing's upcoming After Dark.

Prisoners Gets a New Warden - Antoine Fuqua

And the name game continues for Aaron Guzikowski and his project Prisoners. Lots of names have been attached to it over the last few months such as Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and director Bryan Singer, but all have come and gone. Luckily it looks like a director has finally been nailed down.