IFC to Deliver My Amityville Horror, Errors of the Human Body, and Antiviral in August

The International Film Channel is more than just "Comedy Bang! Bang!" and Marc Maron. They also release some great films from time to time. And in August, they've got two horror flicks to tickle your scary bone and one seriously chilling documentary.

Exclusive: Brandon Cronenberg Talks Antiviral's Origin, Themes, Subtext, and More

Antiviral, writer-director Brandon Cronenberg’s debut feature, posits a future in which celebrity culture has mutated to an extreme that is at once a high-tech and a profoundly intimate nightmare.

Check Out Antiviral for FREE; New One-Sheet Premiere

Brandon Cronenberg's new film Antiviral is available on VOD platforms right now, and we have your chance to win an online pass to see it for free. Oh yeah, and we have a nifty new poster too. Check it out!

A Wonderfully Sick New Trailer for Antiviral

Premiering on VOD and in limited theaters on April 12th is Brandon Cronenberg's new film Antiviral, and we've sunk our claws into a new trailer for you guys to dig on that's surprisingly germ-free. Check it out.

IFC Announces Dates for Antiviral and Sightseers

While we all still wait patiently for Maniac to makes its debut here in the States, IFC Midnight has released the VOD dates for two of its other upcoming and highly anticipated chillers, Antiviral and Sightseers.

UPDATED WITH NEW IMAGES! Fantastic Fest 2012: Final Wave Announced; American Mary, Antiviral, The Collection Among the Highlights

If the films announced so far weren't enough to get you to travel to Austin later this month, this last wave of programming should have you packing your bags immediately! Read on for details.

TIFF 2012: Review Explosion Part 1: Antiviral, Thale, Seven Psychopaths, John Dies at the End, Berberian Sound Studio

Alrighty! Our first batch of reviews is here from the Toronto International Film Festival, and the verdict on Antiviral, Thale, Seven Psychopaths, John Dies at the End, and the Berberian Sound Studio is in!

Antiviral (2012)

Starring Caleb Landry Jones, Joe Pingue, Sarah Gadon Directed by Brandon Cronenberg

TIFF 2012: Brandon Cronenberg Talks Filmmaking in Antiviral Featurette

Alliance Films released an Antiviral featurette just in time for the flick's premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, and in it we finally get to know Brandon Cronenberg and learn the genesis for this twisted little project.

TIFF 2012: Finally a Trailer and One-Sheet for Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral

Just in time for its premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, we've got the trailer and poster art for Brandon Cronenberg's much talked about feature Antiviral! Check them both out now!

TIFF 2012: Antiviral to Play at Festival; New Image

With the Toronto International Film Festival just around the corner news has come today that Brandon Cronenberg's new film Antiviral has joined the festivities. Read on for details and a brand new image! Dig it!

More Up-and-Coming Horror Films Added to the Sitges 2012 Lineup

Indie horror film fans will find a lot to like at this year's Sitges film fest with the announcement of five more titles being added to the lineup from some very impressive up-and-coming filmmakers. Read on for the details!

IFC Infected by Cronenberg's Antiviral

Brandon Cronenberg's new film Antiviral has found itself some domestic distro via IFC Films so it won't be long until all of us get a chance to see if young Brandon is a chip off of his father's wonderfully demented block!

Sample the First Clip from Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral

The first clip from Brandon Cronenberg's new film Antiviral has hit the interwebs, and we have it for you right here. Check it out and decide for yourselves whether Brandon looks to be a chip off the old block or some other type of new flesh.

The Weirdness Continues with New Antiviral Image

Yep, there's another image from Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral here for your perusal. Nope, we have no idea just what the hell is going on in it. Oh, those zany Cronenbergs! Always keeping us on our toes. Dig it!